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CSD16323Q3 model

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The CSD16323Q3 is listed as having a breakdown voltage of 60V when in reality it is only 25V.  This error causes the part to be recommended in simulations where the input voltage is greater than 25V.  If the part is actually used in this manner, then it will likely fail and cause a system failure.  Please correct this issue.  Thanks.

Jatan Naik

  • Hello,

    This error is corrected in the version v3.4 released yesteday.


    Hetal Joshi

    Senior Developer and Project Manager

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  • Still a "small" error.

    Current listed as 2A     should be 21A to match the datasheet.  


    / Håkan Karlsson

  • Yes, current is wrong. But the right current is 60A at Tja=25. We will correct this soon.

    Thanks for reporting this.



  • well,  both currents are correct but for different situations.

    In a real design where the customer puts the FET on a typical PCB he gets more than 25 degree C  Case temperature where the 60A rating is taken.

    The FET survives 60A current but in real life we usually run a bit warmer.   So the 21A rating may be more appropriate.

    Some users may not be too experienced using a simulator and then it will be safer to use the lower current rating than having a customer with an overheating FET.

    I'm open for other views on this though [;)]