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LMH6521 ADS2009 Spice model setup

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I'm working on a design using the LMH6521 DVGA and I've been trying to setup a simulation using the ADS2009 spice model found at (

I'm running ADS2009U1 and I've tried doing the standard "unzip design kit" aswell as trying the file->import but i cant get it to work. 

Anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong? 

  • Linus,

    The INCLUDE path for the model needs to be updated.

    In the schematic, please select the model symbol and then click the Push Into Hierarchy icon (downward-pointing arrow).
    The 13 I/O port connections and the NETLIST INCLUDE panel/statement should appear.
    Open the NETLIST INCLUDE and select the IncludePath field in the left-hand panel. In the right-hand field (search path) enter your local directory path to the folder containing the model file.
    Select Apply and OK.
    Please be sure there are no spaces in any of the folder names in the directory path leading to the ADS project and the search path you just entered. This condition usually forces a user to unzip the project into a folder under C:, instead of a directory in the Documents and Settings folder.

    Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any questions.


  • Thank you for your reply John. 

    The problem with loading the model into ADS where due to spaces in the path. I did what you proposed and put it directly under C:\ and that solved that problem. 

    However, I'm not sure how i probably import the model into ADS. Using file->import->"C:\LMH6521\netlists\LMH65421.lib" ADS import a couple of components (the LMH6521 and some of its subcircuits), but the model gives an error about a function not being defined when simulated. This is where i think I need to do what you explain and enter its subcircuit and change the NETLIST INCLUDE. However, there is no NETLIST INCLUDE in the neither of the subcircuits, in an desperate attempt I tried to add one but that didn't help.

    I have this feeling that I'm doing something wrong when using the file->import, I would assume that you'd have to use either the or the spice.opt file in the unziped model folder but I cant get that to work.

    I would appreciate some comfirmation if I'm importing the correct file and if so, is there any specific import options that needs to be set for it to work? 

  • Linus,

    The downloaded file is an ADS2009 project and it already contains the LMH6521 model as well as AC and Transient test circuits.

    If you have an open schematic window, you can place an instance of the LMH6521 model by selecting:
    Insert/Component/Component Library.
    A window will appear. Click on Workspace Libraries on the left-hand side of the window. On the right-hand side you will see a list of the models and schematics. Click on the entry lmh6521 and drag-and-drop it to the schematic window. The symbol should now appear in that schematic window. You can now finish building the schematic and run simulations.

    By the way, what is your application that will use the LMH6521?



  • Thank you John, I realize my mistake now. I opened it as a project and changed the netlist like you instructed and it works now. 

    I'm working on a radio product where the LMH6521 is used as a linedriver before a long cable, but we have been having some troubles with some areas around it once it reaches compression (which it does much earlier than expected). So I'm going to use ADS to check how the compression point depends on the load.

    Thanks again! Regards,