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Help for our project TI cards selection

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Dear Sir,

For developing the new project (Equivalent Bay Protection relay) i need to select the suitable modules from TI, can you help me.

My requirement is as below and its are matching as per requirement

1. TIDA-00834 & ADS8555SEVM - High speed & accuracy analog input module for 4 Channel AC Current 1 or 5 Amps and 4 Channel AC Voltage 63.5V or 110V with Zero Cross Sensing, 50/60Hz  (for my project i going to use 1 card for 4 + 4 Channels)

2. TIDA-00164 & ADS8688 - High speed & accuracy 4-20mA or 0-10V analog input module for 8 Channels (for my project i going to use 4 cards for 32 Channels)

3. TIDA-00320 High speed digital output module 2x8 Channels  (for my project i going to use 2 cards for 16 Channels) but i need suitable for Output contact voltage max 500V , 20 Amps DC Max.

4.TIDA-00557 & TIDEP-00074 RS232 & IEC 61850 Communication modules

5.TIDA-00560 LED cards 2x16 LEDs (for my project i going to use 2 cards for 32 Channels

I need help from TI based on the above selection suitable the below items to be selected.

1. High speed sensing digital input module 2x 16 Channels or 4x8 Channels , Input voltage 300V or 150 DC changeable , + - 20% Variation acceptable,Max Input delay at “0” to ”1” : 100 to 200 µs, Max Input delay at “1” to ”0” : 100 to 200 µs.

2.Time Synchronization module (IRIG or GPS)

3.HMI with RJ45 Communication module.

4. High speed Processor(CPU) , 50% loading during peak processing

Suitable to handles the following external inputs and outputs other than internal logic, HMI , Communication requirements

a. 32 Digital inputs

b. 32 Analog inputs (4-20mA or 0-10V)

c. 16 Digital outputs

d. 32 LED

e. Internal time setting for delay minimum scale limit shall be 100 µs

f. Suitable for Time synchronization , Disturbance recorder , Events and option of developing new logic

Kindly help me to select the suitable modules


Vanathi Pandi

  • Hello Vanathi,

    Thank you for providing information about this new design.  Wondering if you have a block diagram you can share, please, so we can get an indication of how all these functions are interconnected. 

    Also, you've requested a high-speed processor, 50-percent loading during peak processing - what will be occurring during peak processing?

    Please also provide details on the I/O - you stated a 300V or 150V signal - do you just want to detect presence/absence, or do you want to measure the voltage?

    Please provide as much detail about the interface and tasks this design is to perform.

    Thank you,


  • Hello Leonard,

    Thank you for response. Find the attachment/link  our requirement block diagram and our project planning. 


    1. High speed Processor - During simulation of any one of the output all the Analog inputs , Digital inputs , CT&PT inputs parameter will be changed the same to be captured and recorded in the CPU memory to find out the variation. during the that period processor should not overloaded.

    2. The Digital input normal voltage shall be 220V DC or 110V DC and suitable to withstand 330V DC or 150V DC respectively we have mentioned.

    3.The Digital output contact normal voltage shall be 220V DC or 110V DC and suitable to withstand 330V DC or 150V DC respectively we have mentioned.

    Thank you,

    Vanathi Pandi

  • Hello Vanathi,

     We are still pursuing a workable option for processor here.  At first glance, seems the C2000 or Sitara families would be ideal, although the 40 I/O signals is a challenge.  We'll continue to look for the best solution. 

    In the meantime, I suggest you contact Ittiam, as they make the Sitara EVMs, and they may have an EVM directly suitable for your requirement: .