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TIDA-01352: Customizing the TIDA-01352 for ultrasound scanner design that support B-MODE, CWD and PWD modes only

Part Number: TIDA-01352
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DAC60004, LM5030


Initially, our ultrasound system is planning to support only B-MODE, CWD and PWD mode. Thus we don’t have Elastography mode that requires High voltage +/-150V with huge current requirement around 100A for a fraction of milliseconds.

Our system is having 128 channel and that have sixteen MAX14808 pulsars.
The pulsars MAX14808 have 5 supply rails such as

  1. 3.3V Fixed supply rail
  2. 5.0V Fixed supply rail
  3. -5.0V Fixed supply rail
  4. Programmable Positive supply from 2.5V to 100V range
  5. Programmable Negative supply from -2.5V to -100V range


Q1. How to calculate the inductance of CT and push pull transformer, which is chosen as 2mH and 100µH in TIDA-01352?

Q2.Datasheets of the CT [750340744] and push pull transformer [750343547, 750343548] are not available on the net. How can we get more information about the same?

Q3. Why TIDA-01352 have separate HV and LV/MID push pull converter?  Why not the same HV push pull can be made to generate different output voltages from 150V to 2.5V on the basis of the reference voltage from the DAC60004?

Q4. Our ultrasound system is planning to support only B-MODE, CWD and PWD mode. Sixteen MAX14808 pulsars are used to design this 128 channel system. So is it advisable to proceed with a single Push pull power supply whose output can be programmed to get 2.5V to 100V? Similarly, for the negative rail can be made programmed with another Push pull power supply to get -2.5V to -100V.
Thus the use of separate push pull section for HV and MID/LV can be eliminated.

Q5. How to choose the value of output inductor and capacitor in push pull configuration? What is the formula for doing so? From where the equations in section and on page 15 of the document TIDUCD8 comes from?

Q6. How to choose the value of resistor and capacitor connected to the Compensation (COMP) pin of LM5030?

Q7. The current sensing in TIDA-01352 is performed by using a Current Transformer having 1:100 turn ratio. Is it possible to use shunt resistance for current sensing? For example, 50milli Ohm shunt resistor can be used in the conventional manner such that one end of the shunt resistor is connected to the source of Driving MOSFETs and CS pin, and another terminal to ground?

Q8. What is the value voltage at VCC-P1? Is it Vzener - Vgsmin = 11-1.1 = 9.9V?

Thanks in advance
Project Engineer