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TIDA-00489: Backdoor access and new sensor

Part Number: TIDA-00489

Hey guys,

I am using the TIDA00489 board and I am making a new version for the circuit board layout. In the new version, I am thinking of a few changes, two I want to discuss with you.

  1. I want to remove J3 together with R14 and R15. In my code, I have already removed the backdoor access and the pin definition for DIO_3.
    1. Do you think this might be a problem, like a current drain or something like that?
    2. Do I have to configure this pin DIO_3 at all to minimize current consumption?

2. As the production of the sensor IRS-B210ST01-R finishes soon and Murata is not planning to continue producing comparable SMD sensors, do you know any sensor (preferable SMD), which could substitute this one having similar performance and requirements to minimize the necessary changes?

I hope you guys can help me out once more.

kind regards


  • Slev1n,

    Removal of J3, R14, and R15 will be fine.  I'm not sure of how the other DIO_x pins that are not being used are configured in the firmware, but I would recommend copying the setup of DIO_1 for DIO_3 to avoid any potential leakage or floating input problems.



  • Thank you for your answer. I've checked the current and it seems to look good. A little unstable but around 2.6µA in idle.

    Any idea on a substitution for the current PIR sensor?

  • Slev1n,

    You're welcome!

    Yes, sorry, I forgot to include the response regarding the sensor replacement.

    I have not seen any equivalent surface mount replacements for the IRS-B210ST01-R.  Murata's recommendation is to replace with the thru hole version which is IRA-S210ST01.