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TIDA-01436: Failed to create display

Part Number: TIDA-01436
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: OPT8241


I am working on people counting using beaglebone black revC and TOF sensor.For that I install the in my linux pc. And according to processor sdk linux,created an sd card with 2 partitions ie boot and rootfs then insert the sd card into beaglebone and by using putty serial connection login to beaglebone .Also connected the tof sensor to the usb port.By following section 4.2.3 of  it says failed to create display(No such file or directory).Waiting for your response and kindly share if any documents for reference from your side.The  putty is active, I just disconnect the board that's why its showing inactive.



  • Couple of things to check
    - Is your ToF getting enumerated correctly? After plugging the ToF EVM to BBB, make sure that you move the power switch on the ToF. There should be three LEDs (green, blue and red) powered on the board. Afterwards, run "dmesg" on the BBB. Scroll through the log and you should see that OPT has been enumerated.
    - Running from /usr/bin. As mentioned in, it says the SimplePeopleTracking should be run from the directory as specified above. Try running the program again as mentioned in the instructions.
  • Hi Team,

    I tried your steps as mentioned in the documents, and I tried the steps you mentioned above.
    The sensors gave me all the led colors, but when I tried to launch the Simple people tracking 
    from the bin folder I am getting some kind of error message.

    Attaching the image for your reference.

    I am using SSH for connecting to the Processor SDK package booted from SD card.
    I am using the OPT8241 sensor for capturing the image. Sensor is connected to BB black using USB port and detecting USB is also provided for your reference.
    And I don't have any display screen so I want to convert into .png files but it showing Failed to create display (No such file or directory)

    Kindly let me know why this kind of error generating and how can I able to rectify it ?

    There is no reference to find out how I can implement this, as a beginner in coding its difficult to identify and rectify this kind of error messages.

    Please provide an understandable answer and some kind of link with screenshot which is helpful for us.

  • By default, AM335x processor SDK Linux supports  AM335x GP EVM display format: XRGB8888 pixel format .  Beagle Bone Black Board has display in 16bpp mode. Some files need configuration changes to enable 16bpp mode. Please follow below link to enable display on BBB.

  • Hi all,

    While working on processor linux sdk for peoplecounting on beaglebone board I only create the sd card with 2 partitions which is boot and rootfs and put the sd card into bbb and booted.Is it necessary to follow the other steps which is mentioned in the section 1 of
  • Hi Smrithy,

    If your objective is to just boot the BBB and play with the Processor SDK out of box demos, you do not need to do anything else after you crated the SD card. But if you like to do some modifications to linux kernel driver or any of the example applications and need to build them, then you may need to follow other steps in the document.