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TIDA-00489: Test probes for functional tests after production

Part Number: TIDA-00489

Hey guys,

we are planning to manufacture PIR sensors using the TIDA 00489 design. We will need a test bench to ensure the produced sensors are working.

We are currently planing test pins:

  • VCC
  • GND
  • Comparator outputs (low and high)
  • Additional test pins to allow flashing: Reset, JTAG_TMS, JTAG_TCK

We are going to remove the JTAG in series production, thus we need the additional test pins to allow flashing.

We have planed the following functional tests of the device:

  • Current consumption, to verify now leakage currents and correct RF current consumption behavior
  • RF tests
  • PIR motion detection tests: HwI if one of the comparators triggers

Do you have any suggestions, if we should add test pins or if you would suggest further device testing?

kind regards


  • Will you have the 'coin cell' inserted for shipping, or is it inserted by the end-user---just thinking that you do need to confirm the battery and battery-holder connection integrity.

    I'm not familiar with this device, so can only suggest something 'general'... you may want to have some pins that can be used to input signals to the DUT to confirm all operational connections are functional, for any signals/functions/modes that are not exercised by the PIR tests.

    I noted that the reference design has some quite long periods for active/inactive modes; if there is no way to bypass these times, or have a test mode capability, you will need to ensure that DUTs have the PIR covered during test, and may also need to 'stage' devices, or have a buffer storage line of devices between test points.

    Just a couple of thoughts, without knowing the devices well...hopefully not a waste of time ;-)

    Good luck with the project!

  • Slev1n,

    The test pins you have planned should be sufficient for the testing you have identified.  Also, the tests you have identified would comprise the bulk of testing needed to verify if the sensor is working. 

    I would recommend to add one test to the PIR motion detection tests, if you have not already, to look for false triggers with the sensor covered.  I have found on a few occasions that on initial testing, the comparator signals continue to toggle after the initial sensor warmup.  Most often reworking the solder on the sensor for the surface mount type, fixed this problem.

    Best Regards,


  • Thanks for both comments. The battery is already implemented. We are planning some kind of sensor black box so the user has nothing to do and we rely ourselves to TI's low power promises ;)

    Regarding the false triggers. In our first 50 sensor lot with the surface mount type we rarely had issues with false triggers. However, since Murata stops producing the surface mount type we are already planning a new design with IRA-S210ST01.