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TIDA-00489: CLI script and SWD Debugger

Part Number: TIDA-00489
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: CC1310

Hey guys we are using TIDA 00489 layout and I have some questions regarding production.

  1. We want to use a CLI script to flash our software on the CC1310 andwe have to readout the MAC address of the chip for internal tracking of the device. I have not much experience and was wondering which options I should use. I basically want to use "erase", "programming" and "verify" functions. But there are several "detailed" options.
    1. What erase, CCFG and flash page options should I take?
    2. What reset and run actions should I use? (I think run after flashing should be correct)
    3. What else should I look for?
    4. How can I read out the MAC Address during/before/after this process automatically?
  2. We are thinking of using a SWD debugger for manual MAC read out via the JTAG header, can you recommend one we could buy? Because using JTAG cable, connect TIDA 00489 to Launchpad and readout MAC address  of TIDA board using flashProgrammer does not work.

Hope I was clear about my issue.

Kind regards


  • Slevin, hello and good morning. Your query here has been received and forwarded to the design owner in our Industrial Building Automation team. Per our discussion late yesterday evening, he will be responding to your query within the next business day.

    Best Regards,
    J. Fullilove
    Texas Instruments
  • Flash Programmer 2 has a CLI, see the help documentation. One of the command options is to read the MAC address.

    TIDA 00489 has a standard JTAG connector. You write that "using flashProgrammer does not work", do you get an error message when connecting or something else? Please elaborate what you are doing.
  • Hey TER, sorry for being unprecisely. You can basically read out the MAC address of the launchpad easily. But if the TIDA sensor is connected with a launchpad via JTAG (e.g. to be able to flash the TIDA board) and the launchpad is connected with the PC via USB and you try to readout the MAC, the MAC address of the launchpad and TIDA board are getting mixed. They might eventually even change if you unplug and replug the launchpad to the PC and read out the MAC again.

    That is why we dont have a solution for getting the TIDA board chip MAC, unless we build a star network based on 15.4 Stack and use a sniffer.

  • Not clear what you are trying to do. If you use a launchpad as a debugger (which you need to do if you want to connect to the TIDA board) you have to remove all jumpers on P4 hence the CC1310 on the launchpad is unconnected and hence you will not be able to read out the MAC address.
  • Well, I did not remove all the jumpers on P4 of the launchpad. Though I did this at the beginning but I noticed, that flashing the TIDA board works without removing them. However, I cannot recall if I ever tried removing the jumpers and than tried to read the MAC address of the TIDA board. I will try this this afternoon.

    EDIT: I removed the jumper and was able to read out the correct TIDA Board MAC address for one time. Afterwards I was not able to click on the "Read" Button anymore, it was greyed out:

    Sometimes the "CC1310" in the "Connected devices" window vanishes and is replaced by "Unknown" and I cannot read the MAC address as well. To solve this state, I have to set the jumper again but then I cannot read the MAC address.

    By the way the FlashProgrammer2 v 1.7.5 version crashes pretty often (might be due to windows) and I have to unplug and re-plug the launchpads or restart the programme quite often to see my connected devices in the list. Is there an update planed?

  • 1.8.0 is the newest version of Flash Programmer 2. Please let us know if you manage to find a pattern how you manage to crash the program.

    I don't have a issue with the MAC address is gray after first read. What does the status window state?

    Do you have two launchpads connected to the PC?
  • Ok, by time I will download the new version.

    I have up to 4 boards connected to my PC.

    I can do further error pattern, one scenario is I have several boards connected and flash one of the boards via FlashProgrammer afterwards I unplug the board and plug it in again and try to flash it. Most of the time access is denied or the program just crashes. I also often notice, that the self update function for the "Connected devices" windows will search for new boards but does not recognize a newly plugged in launchpad.

    However, for production we are still looking for a debugger SWD or JTAG debugger, something like this

    Can you recommend one for CC1310 and CC1352R1?

  • For production, look into