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TIDA-01547: Can I implement the whole 6loWPAN Mesh Data Collector on CC1350 only without MSP432?

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Part Number: TIDA-01547


In TIDA-01574, the data collector is implemented on two MCUs (MSP432 which runs the network and application layers, and CC11xx which runs the TI154 stack), is there a way to run the two stacks on the same radio chip? 



  • Hi Ahmed, 

    The TIDA-010003 (based on CC1310 or CC1350) and TIDA-010024 (based on CC1312R) reference designs are available for single-chip based design. The TIDA-010003 is for end-node only and TIDA-010024 includes both root and end-node configurations. 

    For the single-chip based data collector, I would recommend you to use CC1312R-based design (TIDA-010024). This design includes the root node configuration and so you can just run this design as a root with TIDA-010003 (end-node design on CC1310). 

    You would modify the TIDA-010003 software to make it for data collector. For the modification, please refer to the TIDA-010024 design (end-node vs root configuration). Note that it will supports very limited number of nodes.  



  • Thank you Wonsoo, 

    Final inquiry, In the dual chip implementation of the data collector, I've read that the MSP432 be replaced by the host (BB board for example) and the 6loWPAN stack is installed on it.

    Pardon me for the newbie question, can this stack be implemented on a host that connects to the cc1350 co-processor via Bluetooth instead of UART?

    If yes, is there a project from where I can start?



  • Hi Ahmed, 

    This is an interesting idea. It's possible by replacing the UART with BLE but we don't have such a solution. 

    The TI 15.4-Stack co-processor and the 6LoWPAN mesh stack software needs to be updated to interface via BLE instead of UART. To achieve this, the CC1350 and CC1352 will be the right devices since it supports dual mode. You can get the baseline software for 6LoWPAN mesh stacks running on MSP432 or AM335x (BBB) from TIDA-01547 or TIDA-010032. The TI-15.4 Stack co-processor example is the baseline software for CC1350 device, which can be obtained from the SimpleLink SDK(). 

    To check the SimpleLink SDK software readiness to support both TI 15.4-Stack and BLE, I would recommend you to create another thread with the topic of TI 15.4-Stack.