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[FAQ] PMP21842: What are the highlights should I look into this PMP21842 12V/500W LLC design?

Part Number: PMP21842
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: UCD7138, UCD3138A, PMP, PMP21309, PMP20978

What are the highlights should I look into this PMP21842 12V/500W LLC design? What are the benefits this design gets from LMG3410 GaN device and UCD3138A/UCD7138 controllers?

  • PMP21842 is a high switching frequency (nominal 450kHz) LLC resonant converter design that provides 390V to 12V/500W conversion. The use of LMG3410 GaN device allows the converter to switch at such high frequency because the LMG3410 GaN device has no reverse recovery charge and the output capacitance is much lower when compare with Silicon FETs at the same Rds,on level. The use of digital UCD3138A controller along with UCD7138 synchronous rectifier (SR) controller allows the converter to have optimal SR conduction even at such high frequency operation. Thanks to its high frequency operation, the converter size becomes pretty small. There are also other PMP designs using the same architecture but with different transformer design, power and output voltage level you should look into if you are interested in PMP21842 design.

    PMP20289: 400V – 12V/500W High Frequency Resonant Converter Reference Design Using High Voltage GaN Devices

    PMP21309: 24-V/500-W resonant converter reference design with HV GaN FET

    PMP20978: High Efficiency and Power Density 1kW Resonant Converter Reference Design with High Voltage GaN FET