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WEBENCH® Tools/TIDA-01281: TIDA-1281

Part Number: TIDA-01281

Tool/software: WEBENCH® Design Tools

Hello there,

My name is saibaba, i am working on project called DC-HOUSE as an intern. Here i am using bidirectional DC-DC converter for UPS in my project,  i really thanks to Texas instrument becasue of it i can able to built the Bi-direction DC-DC converter so soon and i got all the enough information respective to converter on the single platform itslef.

Well as i said about converter, i am using 'TIDA-00951' Bidirectional DC-DC converter, the documentation provided by the TI was quite enough to built own but as everyone stucks, i too got stucked at a module related to this converter called 'TIDA-01281'. the documentation provided by Texas Instrument is quite good enough to built the own customized converter but was not able to programm a controller.

my question is:

1) TIDA-0281 module's schematic design is perfect to understand, the only problem is unable to understand the interfacing of controller with Mosfet switching mechanism (Pulse width modulation),

as this converter is bi-directional, how does it transit from buck to boost mode and vice-verse so rapidly, additionally how does controller sense to control the respective mode mosfets switching.

Hope my questions make sense!!

please attach all related documents (including controller programming) to TIDA-01281, because i am using the exact design of TI, so every single bit of information would be very worthfull for me!!

Looking frward for reply

Best Regards

Saibaba Tandle

  • Saibaba, hello and thank you for your interest in Texas Instruments.  Your question has been received here, however, the design owner for the designs in question is on our Power Delivery Systems team in China. Unfortunately, at the time of receipt of your question, it already Friday evening there.  We will provide you with a response from the team early next week, Monday, 10/14/2019. 

    Best Regards,

    John Fullilove

    Reference Design Operations

    Texas Instruments

  • Hello Mr. Jhon Fullilove,

    Thanks for your reply, i am really pleased with your service.

    In addition, i would also like to know whether is it possible to buy the TIDA-01281 module with the same programming (as TI used for TIDA-00951 converter module) from Texas Instrument, because i have a very less timeline to complete this project. Though i built, inevitably have to troubleshoot many bugs and probably it could consume my time. Hope you understood my intention, PLease let me know all the possibilities related to implementing the TIDA-01281 module and programming into my project. looking forward to answer, thanks in advance

    Best Regards,

    Saibaba Tandle

  • Hi, Saibaba

    TIDA-01281 is a reference design without real board supporting, so it could not be purchased.
    All the infomation I could have is the design guide and the CAD files on the 

    And, it do not include any firmware inside, so you could refer to the example code in CCS tool.

    If you have any detailed question, you could post it here for discussion.

    Thanks a lot!