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TINA TI models for CSD power MOSFETs.

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I am fairly new to TINA TI, so apologies if I am missing something very obvious.

I am searching for models for the CSD power MOSFETs. I can't find them in the TI tool. On the web, I can only find encrypted PSPICE models for use with ORCAD ( I like many others don't have a license.)

I find it very hard to believe that Texas wouldn't automatically release models for use with their simulator, after all the device we engineers choose to design in to product is the device we can most easily simulate. If I'm doing something daft, could you please point me at the model library or tell me how to get these models.

If it really is TI's policy to wait until these models are requested before releasing TINA models, could I please have models for:







If these models are not already available for use with TINA TI, could you please confirm if TI are prepared to make them available and how long this is likely to take.

Annual volume will be about 40K transistors. My circuit uses 4 power transistors per iteration, three ORing FETS & a hotswap FET.

I'm designing a hot swap controller. There are no suitable controllers on the market, so I'm working on a bespoke circuit. It will switch 12V into a load rail at 9V (VDS circa 3V.) The load is constant power at 240W with about 4mF of capacitance. If I switch in 100uS I see a drain current pulse of about 190A. The SOA graphs in your datasheets are great, it looks like any of these parts will work, but I need to simulate to be certain of the design.

Many thanks,

Mike Veal