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PMP9185: Parameters of Transformer RLTI-1106

Part Number: PMP9185
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: UCC28710

In bom of PMP9185,the transformer, flyback, 250uH, RLTI-1106 ,I cannot find the specific parameters of transformer,I cannot find RLTI-1106.Can you gei me specific parameters of RLTI-1106. Thanks!

  • RLTI-1106 UPDATE.pdfDear Sir,
    attached the data sheet from RENCO,
    best regards, Bernd

  • I want to use the design of PMP9185, but the transformer, flyback, 250uH, RLTI-1106,I can not find it  in market,I want to customize the transformer.

    I attached the data sheet from RENCO, there is no wire diameter and turns information of  transformer. It is necessary to make  transformer.

    I calculated the designing parameters ,refer to  the datasheet of UCC28710.There is on wire diameter and turns in the  parameters.

    Can you give me wire diameter and turns  of RLTI-1106.


  • Hello Sir,

    for building my own high pwr RF xfmrs myself uses Power Stage Designer to figure out RMS current;
    having this info I know for WIRE BUNDLES:
    AWG22 5A, AWG20 7.5A, AWG18 10A, AWG16 13A, AWG14 17A, AWG12 23A, AWG10 33A, AWG8 46A;

    For single wire/open air you could allow more current; at high frequency you have to consider skin effect;
    furthermore for bundle please consider proximity effect.

    Please check internet for current capabilities of AWG24 and smaller, I do not have this info;
    I'm not working on RF power below 1kW.

    By knowing the windings ratio you could decide for the number of windings; you need a certain number
    to get the flux B to the right range; more flux means more magnetizing losses.
    Having calculated the turns you could decide for diameter to achieve best fill factor at bobbin.
    For a PSR flyback most important for the windings setup is best coupling aux to secondary to achieve
    reasonable load regulation. A sandwich 1/2Pri Aux Sec !/2 Pri is used by myself.
    Please do NOT put Aux outside Pri sandwich, does not work for PSR !
    (works only for standard flyback using Aux just to power primary ctrl.)

    If you never built xfmr in the past I would strongly recommend to get in contact w/ magnetics vendor.
    I can't put 30yrs+ of power electronics experience into this small mail, sorry for this.

    Hope this helps & best regards, Bernd

  • Thank you for your reply,it is useful for me.

    I did not   built xfmr in the past, I will  get in contact with  magnetics vendor.

    Best regards.