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Part Number: THVD8000EVM
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Dear Sir,

The THVD8000 RS-485 transceiver with OOK modulation for power line communication modulates data onto existing power lines. I have EVM board with me to test its functionality with my application.My question are as below :

1. What is the maximum input we can give to the DC bus.

2.We can connect 250 nodes with this daisy chain connection but what would be the length of the Dc bus should be there for this number nodes. Because as the distance increase the voltage drop happen in DC Bus.What distance this has been tested.

3. THVD 8000 can only be used in node side of the Board. like SN65hvd IC and will work as per OOK modulation. So do we need an external master kind of board which will derive the THVD8000 (as node) further.

Means Master THVD8000 will get data from master and then slave thvd8000 will work as per the data received by master.

  • Hello,

    Thanks for your interest in this product.  We will get back to you regarding these questions within the next 1-2 days.


  • Hi,

    Thanks for your interest in THVD8000.

    On the EVM, the capacitor has the voltage rating 100V and the inductor has the current rating 1.9A. Theoretically the board can work with any DC voltage up to 100V with large enough load (>54Ohm). As the voltage drop due to increasing distance depends on the cable resistance and load current. We have tested to transfer 24V 500mA over 500 meter awg 22 cable. However the receiver side DC/DC works with 12V.

    THVD8000 interfaces with MCU as the same way as RS-485 transceivers. Any node can be configured as a master or a slave by the MODE pin.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.



  • Dear Sir

    Thanks for your input. The EVM can go upto 100v as per the capacitor voltage .What does the DC power bus means in datasheet provided by TI.Is that a nominal voltage.?

    It’s showing +-18v

    2. The master and slave mode. The master mode further give commands to slave to perform a function.?  Or both work independently.

    How many slave can be controlled by master.?

    How does master and slave are different.

  • Hi,

    18V is the pin's fault voltage of the device. The device is shielded by the capacitor from the bus voltage. Therefore normally the device pin doesn't see the bus voltage.

    Like any RS-485 network, the master and slave mode could be controlled by GPIO of MCU. In hardware, each node can be configured either way. One master can send data to all the other nodes on the bus. The system rely on the software to config the communication among the nodes properly. You can refer to the EVM user guide for two board configuration.