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TIDA-00909: High speed motor drive

Part Number: TIDA-00909
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: BOOSTXL-3PHGANINV, C2000WARE

I'm working on a new design turbomachine motor that needs a high frequency PWM like this product generates, but all the described applications are relatively low speed motors/servos.  What is the maximum frequency of the 3 phase sine output to the motor?

I'm looking at using the C2000 launchpad and TIDA-00909 as a prototype driver, but want to be sure before ordering.

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  • Hello Tom,

    thank you for your interest in the C2000 MCU and the TIDA-00909 48V 3-phase GaN inverter. 

    I cannot specify/guarantee a maximum phase current frequency beyond 1000 Hz we tested and validated with a high speed drones motor (figure 66 in the TIDA-00909 design guide). At 1000 Hz you can see a very smooth low-distortion sinusoidal current. The hardware can go higher than 1000 Hz, but we didn't test. The reason is that we operate the GaN half-bridges at only 12.5ns dead time and therefore the dead time distortions with the phase voltage are very low and we get a very linear power stage with minimum non-linear voltage distortions. Additionally we may leverage the C2000 fast current loop, which additionally increase the current controller bandwidth due to instantaneous PWM update, compared to traditional methods which sample the current PWM center edge aligned.     

    Therefore I am confident we can achieve at least 5 kHz to 10 kHz phase current frequency, by running the current controller on a C2000 at 50 kHz PID loop cycle time to get the required closed-loop bandwidth. I am stating this since we run an IPM motor with our Si-FET up to 2.3 kHz phase current frequency and the dead time was 50ns, the PWM was 32 kHz. The TIDA-00909 is significantly better in both parameters. Of course I cannot guarantee the estimated frequencies.

    In case you are interested to order: The almost same hardware than TIDA-00909 with the addition of over-current protection can be ordered here:, which is called the 48-V Three-Phase Inverter With Shunt-Based In-Line Motor Phase Current Sensing Evaluation Module, part # BOOSTXL-3PHGANINV.

    This BOOSTXL-3PHGANINV EVM is also support by the latest Motor Control software development kit (SDK) for C2000™ MCUs:

    After installation you can find example projects here: C:\TI\c2000\C2000Ware_MotorControl_SDK_3_00_00_00\solutions\boostxl_3phganinv

    The software example is with the TMS320F28004x and the TMS320F2837x. We have LaunchPads for each of these platforms.

    Martin Staebler

  • Thank you for the fast and thorough answer!

    That's the hardware I was planning on using also,  

    Warm regards,