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TIDA-01281: Device may be locked

Part Number: TIDA-01281


i accedently stopted the Jtag while it was burn the firmware and now i get this error messege:

"C28xx: Error connecting to the target: (Error -1015 @ 0x0) Device is not responding to the request.  Device may be locked, or the debug probe connection may be unreliable. Unlock the device if possible (e.g. use wait in reset mode, and power-cycle the board). If error persists, confirm configuration and/or try more reliable JTAG settings (e.g. lower TCLK). (Emulation package


i assume that Device is locked,

How can i reopend it?



  • Michael,

    Is anything mapped to the password locations in the new firmware that you tried to program?  Please check the map file.  If you know the password, you can enter it in the On-chip flash Plugin (CCS) GUI and unlock the device.

    Using the debugger, are you able to see the contents of the flash memory?  

    If the erase operation is interrupted and not allowed to complete, the flash may become depleted. When this happens, the device may then begin to fail to erase. The erase algorithm should not be stopped, as this can also affect the CSM passwords. If the passwords are in an unknown state, the device cannot be recovered. This can also leave all zeroes in the CSM resulting in a permanent lock. 

    Please do not disturb firmware update process.  

    Thanks and regards,

  • Michael,

    Unfortunately, once a device is locked with unknown passwords, there is no way to recover it. Please take a look at

  • thank you for the answer

    i am not able to see the contents of the flash memory.

    even if the flash is depleted why it is affecting the password... it is very weird that this operation will lock the chip completely...

    after the chip are manufacture the flash is completely empty as well... so what is the deference?

    can you please elaborate?

    Thank you again,


  • If the erase/program operation is interrupted, it could leave the password locations in an indeterminate state. When this happens, the device will get locked with unknown passwords. This could happen with or without depletion.