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PMP22220: My customer want to refer PMP22220 to design Bridgeless PFC .

Part Number: PMP22220
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TIDA-01604

Hi Teams,

My customer want to refer PMP22220 to design Bridgeless PFC . but the reference design only 1.5KW.

Customer's spec is VIN=90~264VAC /PO=2KW.  My customer want to know what is noted with design.

Such as layout, MOSFET and choke selection , especially FW will be modified or not? 

If TI has more simple design to reference as well.

looking forward from you.

  • Hello Jimmy,

    PMP22220 is designed for 1kW at lowline input, but you need 2kW universal line.
    So you need stronger power stage, another layout and the software needs to be modified,
    means a new ground up design.

    This bridgeless PFC is made w/ CoolMOS; for a new 2kW design a GaN or SiC based solution
    could be a valid starting point; the smaller parasitic capacitances are lowering common mode noise,
    so beside better efficiency and smaller thermal interface your filter effort will be lowered as well.

    Please check our TIDA-01604, shrinking this three phase PFC to only two phases will match your
    requirements, up to 2.2kW at low line input / up to 4.4kW at high line input.
    You could reduce output capacitance, because this design is made for variable output voltage 400Vdc
    to 600Vdc; for constant output voltage 390Vdc such large capacitance is not needed.

    This would be my very first starting point for you, best regards, Bernd

  • Hi teams,

    Does th FW need to modify when remove one PFC phase ?

  • Hello Jimmy,

    YES, of course, the software needs modification;
    for ripple reduction a three phase system works interleaved w/
    120 degrees phase shift in between the phases,
    the two phase system works 180 degrees interleaved.

    At low line input this helps two reduce ripple stress from
    output capacitor of PFC (ripple cancellation at 50% duty).

    Best regards, Bernd

  • Hi Team,

    I got it. but I afraid the customer has not any resource to modify the FW.

    Could you give me any suggestion?

  • Hello Jimmy,

    myself is not a sw engineer, so I can't predict the workload.
    For any support your customer needs to get in contact w/ local TI team.

    But - to design any switched mode power supply there is some knowledge needed.
    Especially here, at high voltage 400Vdc and high power 2kW.
    And if your customer wants to close the loop digitally he must be able to work on filter coefficients.
    Building such a kW supply w/out any resources might be difficult - personally I think impossible.

    Hope this helps, best regards, Bernd