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TIDA-00448: TIDA-00448 for 6kV IGBT drive with 20V gate voltage

Part Number: TIDA-00448
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TLV3201

Hi Team,

Good day.

Customer would like to use TIDA-00448 design reference provided by TI.COM to drive 6kV IGBT (DIM250XCM65-TS000 ) and use appropriate HV Diode Logic and Voltage Divider for connecting to TLV3201 DESAT detector. And would like to drive the gate with a pulse width <1uS for my application at 5kHz rate.

Does TIDA-00448 can meet their requirements?

Thank you and looking forward for your kind response.



  • Hello Maynard,

    thank you for your interest in TIDA-00448. I need some time will look into your question and will get back to you latest early next week.


    Martin Staebler

  • Hi Martin,

    Any update on this?



  • Hello Maynard,

    please find below the feedback to your customer.

    Minimum turn-on time

    I've looked at the IGBT data sheet of the DIM250XCM65-TS000. In that date sheet the turn-on delay time (900ns), turn-off delay time (3.6us), fall time (450ns) and rise time (400ns) is specified for VGE=+/-15V, RG(on)=6.8Ohm and RG(off)=22Ohm.
    The maximum peak current for charging the gate will be 30V/6.8Ohm ~ 5A.
    I don't know if this IGBT even supports 1us turn-on pulses. This needs to be check with the IGBT vendor.  

    Now to the TIDA-00448
    The TIDA-00448 gate drive circuit has a +17V/-8V gate drive supply with RG(on)=2Ohm and RG(off)=1Ohm. The maximum peak current is however tested with RG(on)=0.5 Ohm and RG(off) = 0.16Ohm into a 100nF capacitor. The maximum source current is 23.2A, the maximum sink current 28.8A.

    This is almost 5-times more than the peak current used to specify DIM250XCM65-TS000. If this current is sufficient to achieve 1us minimum pulse width, you need to check with the IGBT vendor. In the data sheet they use significantly lower peak current, as I wrote before.

    One additional difference is that the TIDA-00448 has a -8V negative supply, while the IGBT data sheet specifies a -15V supply. If you like a +/-15V supply, you cannot use the CSD87353Q5D FETs anymore since they are rated 30V maximum. Then you need to choose higher voltage rated FETs.  

    TIDA-00448 DESAT 

    Discrete DESAT monitor with the TLV3201: The DESAT threshold voltage is set by the Zener diode D4 and connected to the inverting terminal. The value of Zener voltage can be selected based on the VCE  threshold for the monitoring circuit. The relation between the reference voltage and the VCE threshold is discussed in the TIDA-00448 design guide section 4.4.1.  You would need to adjust these values to your system parameters and your selected IGBT.

    Further comment on maximum VCE
    The IGBT you refer to supports up to 6500V VCES. Please note that the TIDA-00448 design is rated for maximum AC input voltage of 3-phase 600Vrms, which corresponds to a rectified DC-link voltage of around 850VDC. If you should go higher than AC input voltages of 600Vrms, you cannot use TIDA-00448 as is. Even if you won't go higher than 600VAC, please validate each component is rated according to your specification.  

    Hope this answers your question. 

    Martin Staebler


  • Small correction of typo in above answer: The TIDA-00448 gate drive circuit has a +15V/-8V gate drive supply.