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CC2564MODN: firmware update via Bluetooth

Part Number: CC2564MODN
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I am using TIVA TM4C1297NCZADI3 as main processor with CC2564MODNCMOET as Bluetooth chip. I am currently looking at updating TIVA via Bluetooth and I am not sure if this is technically possible. The Bluetooth stacks resides in the TIVA chip. TIVA supports USB update by default via the bootloader. There is also customization allowed for UART, I2C and SSI. Is it possible to do this via Bluetooth when the Bluetooth stack is in the main processor? As I understand that the DFU is done in the bootloader as part of bootloader feature, without the Bluetooth stack in the bootloader, will I be able to modify the bootloader to support Bluetooth update? If Bluetooth update is possible, do you have any example codes to share?

  • Hello Suzanne,

    I am unable to comment on the TIVA capabilities, but I think this thread has more information on the TIVA side. However, from a Bluetooth perspective, this should be possible. We offer an SPP demo that sends binary data over to the host MCU. You can find this demo in section 11 of the CC2564x Demo Applications User's Guide

    I think the general process would be:

    1. Connect TIVA and CC2564
    2. Connect device with update to CC2564 via Bluetooth
    3. Send update as binary data through SPP
    4. Modify TIVA bootloader to read update from CC2564

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  • HI Jacob,

    My concern is even with SPP, the BT stack resides in the host controller. With TIVA, the update is done on the bootloader. When TIVA update itself from the bootloader, it will reflash the rest of the application and this includes the bluetooth stack

    One thing I am not sure if SPP requires the bluetooth stack to operate. Also, i think SPP is not supported in iOS. I am not expert in Bluetooth to understand the entire bluetooth architecture.  

  • Hey Suzanne,

    You would need some kind of external memory to store the new image. Then, your custom bootloader would need to read the new image from that memory location. 

    I do not think there are any examples of TIVA over the air (OTA) updates, so you would need to implement that yourself.


  • HI Jacob,

    Thank you