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CC2642R: CC2642R: [CLAOA][Multi-tag]AoA tracking lost[SDK5.2]

Part Number: CC2642R

Hi Ti.

In multi tag case, sometimes we lose tracking of some tag, i hope to know if some packets collision, will coordinator always try to keep tracking or disable tracking after consecutive missing packet(how to change max value)?

  • Hi,

    The synchronization timeout should be properly selected in order to allow packet collision without synchronization lost. The synchronization timeout should be selected at synchronization establishment as explained here.

    I recommend to adapt the synchronization timeout based on the number of devices, their advertising interval and the requirements of the system.

    Best regards,

  • Did you mean coordinator will sync every periodic adv packet to find CLAOA packet.

    so i need to adapt sync timeout value in create sync command

    If lose 1 periodic adv, will coordinator lose tracking forever?

  • Hi,

    After the reception of each periodic advertisement, the scanner start a timer. The duration of this timer is equal to the synchronization timeout. The timer is stopped when a new periodic advertising (from the same advertiser) is received. If the timer expires, the scanner considers the synchronization as lost.

    The number of periodic advertisements the scanner can miss without considering the synchronization as lost is given by the synchronization timeout divided by the advertising interval.

    Best regards,

  • If the scanner has lost the maximum allowed amount of periodic advertisements, How do I re-tracking this tag?

    should i send command to stop AoA first, or just re-send AoA_enable command or need to create sync again?

    If use adv list, should i need to remove this tag from adv list? then run full procedure to catch IQ again?

  • Hi,

    In the case the sync with a tag gets lost, you need to re-synchronize (i.e. scan and create sync) with it. 

    If the device has been used to the adv list, you only need to ask the system to synchronize with the adv list. There is no need to remove the device from the adv list.

    Once the synchronization is re-established (no matter which solution you are following), the IQ sampling should be turned back on.

    Best regards,