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CC2564CMSP432BTBLESW: HFP profile AT commands/Control Commands

Part Number: CC2564CMSP432BTBLESW
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: CC256XCQFN-EM, MSP432P401R, BOOST-CCEMADAPTER, CC3200, CC2564C

My setup:
MSP432P401R launchpad
CC3200 AudBoost

Code Composer Studio  Version: 

BT Stack: CC2564CMSP432BTBLESW-v4.2.1.1 (I would really like to use 5.0 or greater Stack)

My Questions:


I would like to send an event data just like mentioned below but the data is the custom one for our use case only through HFP? 
The below example perfectly works for us.

eg. "AT+XEVENT=HELLOFROMHFP, 1\r" which API should I use for this one in bluetopia stack?

Mic / Headset will send the PTT commands via HFP link as follows:

PTT press down send out: "AT+XEVENT=TALK,1\r"

PTT release send out: "AT+XEVENT=TALK,0\r"

This is mentioned as in (Bluetooth SIG HFP1.6 Documents as shown) below!

how can I achieve this above functionality in TI CC2564C on its default TI(i think it's bluetopia) stack?

Also regarding the BT certifications for my setup what will it be in the end? BT 4.2 or BT5.1 ?? as in this below link


My use case is Embedded No-os Target (can use FreeRtos on STM32 if required)  Is there any other stack available apart from Bluetopia which is reliable? 
Is there a 5.1 version of Bluetopia coming soon if so when is it getting released ?

Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Gokulnath,

    I'll follow up on this request soon.


  • Hello Jacob,
    Hope you are doing well and had a great Thanksgiving! 
    Please let me know the updates 

  • Hi Gokulnath,

    Apologies for the delay, I was out on vacation last week and will respond here this week.


  • Hi Gokulnath,

    1. You should be able to use the SPP_Data_Write to achieve your functionality:

    /*! @brief The following function is responsible for Sending Serial Data to
        * the specified Serial Connection.  The SerialPortID that is passed
        * to this function MUST have been established by either Accepting
        * a Serial Port Connection (callback from the SPP_Open_Server_Port()
        * function) or by initiating a Serial Port Connection (via calling
        * the SPP_Open_Remote_Port() function and having the remote side
        * accept the Connection). @param BluetoothStackID The input parameters to this function are
        * the Bluetooth Stack ID of the Bluetooth Stack that the second parameter is valid for.
        * @param SerialPortID Serial Port Identifier.
        * @param DataLength the Length of the Data to send.
        * @param DataBuffer A pointer to the Data Buffer to Send.
        * @return This function returns the number of data bytes that were successfully
        * sent, or a negative return error code if unsuccessful.
        * \note If this function is unable to send all of the data that
        *          was specified (via the DataLength parameter), this
        *          function will return the number of bytes that were
        *          actually sent (zero or more, but less than the DataLength
        *          parameter value).  When this happens (and ONLY when
        *          this happens), the user can expect to be notified when
        *          the Serial Port is able to send data again via the
        *          etPort_Transmit_Buffer_Empty_Indication SPP Event.  This
        *          will allow the user a mechanism to know when the Transmit
        *          Buffer is empty so that more data can be sent.
    BTPSAPI_DECLARATION int BTPSAPI SPP_Data_Write(unsigned int BluetoothStackID, unsigned int SerialPortID, Word_t DataLength, Byte_t *DataBuffer);

    2. If you use the latest Bluetopia 5.1 stack and our Controller Subsystem certification for the CC2564C, your device will be certified to Bluetooth 5.1.

    3. We offer a Bluetooth 5.1 stack for both NoOS and FreeRTOS on STM32. You can find the download at this link when it is updated later this week.