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CC2540: QDID for BLE Services/Profiles

Part Number: CC2540

I am looking at TI Bluetooth qual app note, and see Table 2-5 for QDIDs for CC254x. It would appear QDID 127436 covers the Device Info Service, but there are additional services/profiles listed under that QDID and I would like to verify it’s OK to use the QDID without supporting the additional profiles. 

  • Hi Jason,

    For Bluetooth Qualification questions, please make sure to leverage the help of your Bluetooth Qualification Consultant (BQC).

    Normally you are allowed to remove an optional characteristic from a qualified design and still use the QDID. However, since this listing incorporates a profile version which is deprecated (Proximity Profile), it is not possible to create a subset.

    It means you'll have to certify the profiles yourself.

    I have two good news for you:

    • you can use the QDID to prepare your ICS - this will save you some time
    • the tests are passing - so you should not be worry for this

    I understand that this answer is probably not the one you expected. Please be sure we are working to improve this.

    Best regards,

  • Hi Clement, 

    Thank you for the quick response. I am surprised by the response so please allow me to ask some clarifying questions: 

    Even though we are not using the Proximity Profile in our product, it's inclusion in the QDID invalidates the entire QDID for any of its other sub-profiles/services? That would make it seem like no TI customer could use this QDID with the CC254x and would have to qualify any SIG service/profile they use, is that correct? 

    Is TI planning to release an updated QDID for the BLE profile/services it offers under the BLE qual app note? Is there a more up to date BLE qual app note that shows the QDID not being valid for use anymore? 

    Thanks again for your time. 

  • Hi,

    I encourage you to contact your BQC to assess if a different approach is suggested.

    We are aware of this and are working to improve it.

    Best regards,

  • Hi Clement,

    We are working with a BQC. He has requested that we ask TI for an alternate QDID be generated for this part/BLE service. Is this possible? 


  • Hi,

    As of today, there is no additional QDID available. I cannot comment on QDID we plan / don't plan to release in the future.