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CC1352P: Enable BLE advertising reset on simplelink SDK

Part Number: CC1352P


Our Environment:

  • Board: Custom board , CC1352P
  • SDK: simplelink_cc13x2_26x2_sdk_5_40_00_40
  • Xdctool: xdctools_3_62_01_16_core

Our code is also based on  dmm_wsnnode_ble_sp_app_CC1352R1_LAUNCHXL_tirtos_ccs example.

After upgrading to simplelink SDK v5.40.0.40 board resets when  BLE advertisement starts on SimplelInk.c -> SimplePeripheral_processGapMessage() ->case GAP_DEVICE_INIT_DONE_EVENT.

before upgrading to SDK it worked fine.

We are unable to debug as XDS is disconnected on board reset

When BLE is disabled ( Only Sub 1Ghz), All is working ok.

Any idea how to debug reset cause ?

  • Hi Amit,

    When you say the board resets in the GAP_DEVICE_INIT_DONE_EVENT, is this something you have implemented or something that happens without an API call?

    Is the issue reproducible when you disable Sub-1 GHz in your application?


    Marie H

  • hi Marie,

    I think I featured the problem - It is caused by our custom board rfDriverCallbackAntennaSwitching implementation for the 2.4Ghz PA case:

    /* 2.4 GHz */
    if (paType == RF_TxPowerTable_HighPA)
    /* PA enable --> HIGH PA
    * LNA enable --> 2.4 GHz
    /* Note: RFC_GPO3 is a work-around because the RFC_GPO1 (PA enable signal) is sometimes not
    de-asserted on CC1352 Rev A. */


    it seems that GPIO_write to DIO28 when it is muxed to RF Core Data Out 0 caused the chip to reset.

    After modifying by remarking the call to GPIO_write(), It works ok.

    Not sure I understand why the problem occurred only on the latest simple link SDK . In any case, chip reset makes it very hard to debug :)

  • Hi Amit,

    Thank you for posting the solution!


    Marie H