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SIMPLELINK-CC13XX-CC26XX-SDK: LAUNCHXL-CC26X2R1: recommended to use with CC26x1 parts, but how to configure?

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: SYSBIOS, CC2651P3,

I have a project that works well with the CC26x2 parts, but those are not available now so we have moved

to the CC2651 parts.  However it is unclear to me how to make the SDK or which SDK to actually use when

running code compiled with the part family ID hanging up in the boot process because the wrong library

is being used for the MCU part.  I also am trying to use the older "Simple Serial Socket Server"

which worked with CC2640R2 SDK back in the day.

So the problems I need to clear up, this compiles fine with simplelink_cc13x2_26x2_sdk_5_20_00_52

and hangs up early in the boot at the check family ID's routines:

          NOROM_SetupTrimDevice(), ti_sysbios_family_arm_cc26xx_Boot_trimDevice():
0000c1d8:   4A2A                ldr        r2, [pc, #0xa8]
0000c1da:   B5B0                push       {r4, r5, r7, r14}
0000c1dc:   F8D2427C            ldr.w      r4, [r2, #0x27c]
0000c1e0:   F1B43FFF            cmp.w      r4, #-1
0000c1e4:   BF08                it         eq
0000c1e6:   2400                moveq      r4, #0
0000c1e8:   F00AFCA6            bl         NOROM_ChipInfo_GetChipFamily
0000c1ec:   2804                cmp        r0, #4
0000c1ee:   D147                bne        $C$L429
0000c1f0:   F8D20278            ldr.w      r0, [r2, #0x278]
0000c1f4:   6812                ldr        r2, [r2]
0000c1f6:   0F07                lsrs       r7, r0, #0x1c
0000c1f8:   F00202FF            and        r2, r2, #0xff
0000c1fc:   2A7F                cmp        r2, #0x7f
0000c1fe:   BF88                it         hi
0000c200:   2200                movhi      r2, #0
0000c202:   F00AFC99            bl         NOROM_ChipInfo_GetChipFamily
0000c206:   F04F31FF            mov.w      r1, #-1
0000c20a:   2804                cmp        r0, #4
0000c20c:   D10A                bne        $C$L425

I tried to force the correct MCU in the 'syscfg' utility, but find it won't let me select the MCU I'm using.

I have the LAUNCHPAD CC26x2R1 configuration but don't need that as my board is custom that

mirrors the two buttons and LEDs on the launch pad only.  I have a different MCU on my board: CC2651P3.

If I try to use the simplelink_cc13xx_cc26xx_sdk_5_40_00_40 SDK I get loads of BLE compile errors.

What is the best way to attack this confusing issue with CCS and my custom board definitions as well as

using the current SDK's versions.

What I really need is a "Simple Serial Socket Server" that compiles with the cc26xx_sdk which will have the right

MCU ID's to pass through the boot up checks that are done.  Or use the cc26x2_sdk and somehow get it to pass

through that MCU ID check, by either specifying it somehow in the build for my MCU or what?  Both MCU's are

approx. 90% similar and my actual project code runs on both right now.  I need a  BLE stack that would support

the serial socket example and be buildable with out errors of course?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or solutions to get a current path to follow on this,

Marc Y.

  • Hi Marc,

    CC2652RX projects are not compatible with the CC2651X device.  Thus you will need to migrate your project accordingly, please see the BLE5-Stack Migration Guide for more details.  The same applies to SDK version migration, thus when using the SIMPLELINK-CC13XX-CC26XX-SDK v5.40 (recommended since you already must transition to a CC2651X-based project) make sure to import a new example project and copy over your application files.  You should also update your dependencies to match those listed in the Release Notes.


  • Ok, thanks I'll keep this note in mind.  I guess the idea is that since I can have any CPU of the family installed on

    my PCB that I will have to maintain versions of my project which use one or the other SDK for that CPU family.

    I had hoped this would be simple like just saying my part number to the CCS tools, but that I guess is a dream...

    Porting my smaller app. back and forth won't be that hard, so that's what I'll do!

    Thanks for your reply.