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CC1352P7: How to modify CC1352P7-1 dev kit CCS syscfg to switch PA operation to (BLE) 2.4 band instead of sub-gig band?

Part Number: CC1352P7

We are using the simplelink_cc13xx_cc26xx_sdk_6_10_00_29 SDK.

Our CCS project is using the DMM with BLE and a proprietary sub-gig protocol. 

We have been using the CC1352P7-1 development kit successfully, the PA is configured for the sub-gig band.

The RF switch PA control signal is (correctly) asserted on sub-gig band transmits.

We have spun our own hardware design based on the CC1352P7-1 development kit.

The difference in our design is the PA path is optimized for and will be used with the 2.4 band (for BLE).

I have been trying to remap the PA control signal to the 2.4 band (BLE) path in syscfg.

1. Under RF Stacks->Custom->Custom PHY Settings->PHY Properties->High PA changed to unselected.

2. Under RF Design->RF Design->Assign High PA To Frequency Band set to 2.4 GHz

3. Under BLE-> Radio Configure BLE Radio Settings->BLE Radio Configuration->High PA changed to selected.

4. syscfg remains setup for the LP_CC1352P7-1 board.


With these changes I can compile and successfully run, but when checking with a logic analyzer I never see the RF switch PA control signal become asserted.

Also, the power output of BLE transmissions is correspondingly low compared to the non-PA BLE TX path.

When debugging the code in RF_decodeOverridePointers() I see that

*pRegOverrideTxStd = radioSetup->ble5_pa.pRegOverrideTxStd;
*pRegOverrideTx20 = radioSetup->ble5_pa.pRegOverrideTx20;

are both assigned NULL pointers from the ble5_pa configuration.
Without these overrides configured the PA signal will not get asserted.

Clearly there are some changes required outside of syscfg to properly setup the PA override tables for BLE so that it can transmit on the PA path.

I have been trying to modify the syscfg scripting files but have not been successful.


This seems like a very simple configuration change so any help to get this working is appreciated.