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CC2640R2L: BLE Stack Flash Occupation

Part Number: CC2640R2L

I'm using CC2640R2L microcontroller for a BLE based project.

I'm estimating available flash memory, I did't find anywhere ble stack size estimation in order to understand how many space I would have for my project.

My project will be ble peripheral only.

My current tools version are:

- Code Compose 12

- simplelink_cc2640r2_sdk_5_30_00_03

I looked at this two examples and analyzing map files I found:

- Project Zero: unused flash space: 0x0F45

- Simple Peripheral: unused flash space: 1C32 

Is very difficult to estimate the real stack occupation space but it seems that BLE Stack take almost all the flash memory.

Am I loosing something (maybe some configurations or other things)? or really this microcontroller with BLE stack has very low space for custom application?

Consider that for my application I'll need almost 32kb of flash.


  • Hello,

    Can you clarify if you are using the BLE or BLE5 stack? The BLE5 stack on the CC2640R2 does take up a large amount of the available flash. The Flash Optimization & Ram optimization section of the User's Guide provides helpful information on how to reduce the consumed flash and RAM. The Decrease flash consumption of the examples project section should also be very helpful here.

    If BLE5 is required along with a large amount of flash and RAM, then I would suggest looking into the CC2642/CC2652 devices as these offer more flash & RAM will implementing BLE5. If BLE5 is not required, then I would suggest using the BLE4 stack on the CC2640R2.

    Best Regards,