CC2652R: how to add LE Secure Connection as central role in the multi-role example.

Part Number: CC2652R
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Hi Expert,

we are under development using CC2642-Q1 with the below development environment

SDK : simplelink 6.30.10

CCS 12.1

example : multi-role

This device needs LE Secure Connection(LESC) function as Central role.

but, the guide you are providing lacks an explanation of the central role of LESC.

we reviewed the simple_central example, but found it difficult to understand.

we need an intuitive example of LESC or a detailed example of the bonding procedure.

could you please help?



  • Hi Robin,

    Our devices have Secure Connections enabled by default.

    Im not quite sure I understand what you mean by central role of LESC (in the pairing process)? If so a step by step process is found in the Simple link academy link you posted.

    Just make sure to press the LE Secure Connections tab

     (its grey when chosen)

     I would also suggest reading  through Gap Bond Manager and  LE Secure Connections guide in the BLE5 users guide

    If you have more specific questions after reading this, please let me know.

    Kind Regards,


  • hi

    we are facing the problem below.

    Peer device is a nordic product and uses LE lagacy connection.

    1. we are using LESC. However, if I turn the peer device off and on after the bonding success, it does not reconnect.

    2. after central device HW reset, it can be reconnected.

    3. at this time, the peer device sent direct advertisement, but the central does not received.

    4. i'm guessing that it might be a problem with the setting of sysconfig. please review the attached file.


  • Hi Robin,

    If the peer device does not support LE Secure Connection then the TI device will also not use LE Secure Connection but instead will have a legacy connection between the devices.

    What changes have you done to the multi_role example if any?

    Kind Regards,


  • Hi RogelioD,

    We added the LESC to multirole and added the below for automatic reconnection.

    Peer device is supports LESC and transmits Direct Advertising message after Bonding. 

    however, It is not being received in multirole device.

    please help me.


  • Hi Robin,

    Can you show me what the functions reverse data() and core_ble_cent_connect() do?

    Kind Regards,


  • Hi RogelioD,
    I am Chae of a company called "TUNEIT", the end customer.

    The code you requested is below.


  • Hi Robin and Gum,

    If using our multirole example there should not be a need to add extra code for reconnection as the gap band manager takes care of that as long as the correct settings are set in the sysconfig. Have you tried using an unmodified version and see if the bond is saved. Make sure in the sysconfig the following things are set.

    We want Secure Connection to be Supported, or even Only if you dont want to do any legacy paring. Also make sure the Bonding is checkmarked.

    Kind Regards,


  • Dear RogelioD 

    we have been checked LESC of Multi-role.

    but, we found that direct advertising messages are not received. 

    please let me know how to receive direct Advertising MSG.


  • Hello,

    My sincerest apologies for the extended delay and any inconvenience this may have caused? Are you still having the observed issue? If so, then I would like to take a step back to ensure we have not missed anything. Can you try using two CC26X2 development boards, setting one as a central and the other as a peripheral and attempting to connect via secure connection? Can you check if this connection is successful and the device behaves as expected?

    Best Regards,