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CC2652P: How to add channel frequency information to scan report packet ?

Part Number: CC2652P
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Hi all,

I'm running 'ble5_host_test' on chip CC2652P.I can get bluetooth scan result with GAP command  on BTool. Scan result data like attached picture.

I want to get value of channel frequency in scan report packet. Is there any way to add data into report packet?

  • Hi West,

    Please find some information on how to extract data from advertisment in our User guide:

    You can use the  HCI_BLE_SCAN_REQ_REPORT_EVENT 

    to extract data fromt the advertisement.

    Regards, Alex

  • Hi Alex,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Could you share the user guide you mentioned ?

    I found HCI_BLE_SCAN_REQ_REPORT_EVENT in host_test_app.c, and pkt->bleChan is in event[] array.

    I'm not sure whether or not pkt->bleChan is the value about advertising channel of scanned device. To check the index of the pkt->bleChan in scan report packet. I replaced the variable pkt->bleChan and pkt->rssi with value 0xAA and 0xBB. I flashed chip with modified project, and I can't find any 0xAA or 0xBB value in scan report packet.

    It seems that HCI_BLE_SCAN_REQ_REPORT_EVENT is not handling scan report packet on GAP_AdvertiserScannerEvent

    Could you tell me what I'm missing?

  • Hi West,

    Your right. 

    You can even see this when looking into BTOOL. Here the indication event which displays the results indicates Event 0x04 instead of 0x80. 

    I did not find the 0x04 Event yet. I will try to find a solution for this and reach out as soon as I have a solution. 



  • Hi West,

    Here you can find a section how to obtain the advertisement channel for standalone project. Maybe you can use this to implement it in the host tool.

    May I ask the question why you need to get the advertisement channel number on btool ?  



  • Hi Alex,

    Thanks for the user guide.

    Though I didn't find any function like Add Advertisement Channel Number in host_test.syscfg, I add flag -DADV_RPT_INC_CHANNEL=1 in host_test.opt anyway. I expected scaned channel number will be added to report packet, but no any new data be added to the packet.

    My client need advertising channel number from other device to do their application, and the application is base on host test project. BTool is for testing GAP_scan command on my side.

    Could you check how to add advertising channel number to GAP_scan report packet in host test project ?

  • Hi,

    Host_test does not have a standard BLE SysConfig module. You may need to look at the code that is generated when the "add advertisement channel number" option is checked and add the modifications manually to your code.

    Best Regards,