CC2340R5: Training on academy with Data_stream example suggestion and function can't work well

Part Number: CC2340R5

Dear expert, 

I am testing based on the academy training sample. 

SimpleLink data_stream example (

I have some suggestion and also I have encounter some problems here.

1. For the app_data_stream.c file part, our academy writes in below.

But it should be written like this, user has to keep printData [len+1], otherwise user aren't able to build the project.

2. I am working on the send Data to the phone when pressing a button part, 

I couldn't receive data after pressing the button. 

From the project instruction, I saw that there is Callback function in the image. 

But based on the newest syscfg., I didn't see this kind of function.

Looks like that is why I can't work well in this project. 

I have provided my project in this thread, can you help on check on this?

Best Regards,

Eric Chen