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ANT CC2570 CC2571 Range and tools?

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: CC2571, CC2570


In my project the range has a significant importance.

The location is very isolated RF wise , there is a direct line of  sight, the maximum transmission power can be used(4DBM)

as well as the lowest baud rate. So generally speaking all the surrounding conditions are ideal for RF communication.

For this project the ANT CC2570 or CC2571 are considered.

Can anyone state what would be the expected range?

Also, since SimpiliciTI software does not run on ANT, is there any software tool available?

Or is it up to the designer to code his own solution within the MCU?

Any other "Getting Started" tips?

Thanks for sharing the info...

  • Hi Isaac,

    not all but some of your answers are here. Just to help :)

  • Hi Issac,

    I'm a little confused about your question "Can anyone state what would be the expected range?". Expected range for what?


    For getting started with ANT I would suggest taking a look here:,com_fireboard/Itemid,146/func,view/catid,25/id,1169/,com_fireboard/Itemid,146/func,view/catid,25/id,1391/

    I would also take a look at the developer's zone of the ant website:

    There you can find a variety of software tools that you can use in your development.


    I hope this helped!


    Best Regards,



  • Hi Kassandra,


    Thanks for the links and your willingness to support.


    Range refers to the distance between nodes on the same channel, in Meters.

    The project is now in the chipset selection stage and since the application is range sensitive

    it has much importance  to ensure that the CC2570 range fits within the application.

    It seem that typical ANT application range is within few Meters (2-3 meters at the most: byc, gym),

    but some generic ANT documents mentioned 30 and even 50 meters of ANT.

    However, these were just generic statements and did not refer to the actual CC2570.

    Also, ANT protocol does not deal with the physical layer and that’s why ANT can theoretically work

    at any range (distance), depending on the frequency, transmission power ,sensitivity, and other hardware.

    That’s why my question was referred specifically to CC2570 / CC2571 while these have the

    most powerful transmission among the ANT chipsets (4dbm), more than Nordic's AP2 (0dbm)


    So, any idea what is the line of sight range under maximum transmission power?

    Also, it there a method to extend the range? e.g. by using external antenna.

    I could not locate any application note for this.




  • Hi Isaac,

    I apologize for the delay in response, the entire ANT team was at the ANT+ Symposium all last week.

    As for range, it depends on the RF environment, and chip environment, but I could give you a ballpark estimate at around 25-30 meters. Again, this is totally dependent on the environment, so you would have to do your own testing in order to come up with more accurate numbers.

    I don't know of any method thusfar that can be used to extend the range.

    I hope that this helps, and please let me know if you need anymore assistance.


    Best Regards,