[FAQ] CC2340R5: CCS Theia is now available!

Part Number: CC2340R5
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: SYSCONFIG, , CC2340R2

Tool/software: CCS Theia

Code Composer Studio is transitioning to Theia from EclipseTm

Theia is an open-source initiative to provide a VS Code® “like” application framework


Why should you adopt CCS Theia?

  • Eclipse has reached the natural end of its life. In 2025, newer TI products will move to CCS Theia. Consult the release notes of the SDK applicable to your product for details on the transition plan
  • CCS Theia has a VS Code® like interface
  • Migration from CCS EclipseTm to CCS Theia is straight forward (see below)
  • CCS Theia’s intuitive user interface takes developers through each step of the application development flow
  • CCS Theia provides a feature-rich embedded development environment based on TI users’ feedback
    • Optimizing C/C++ compiler
    • Source code editor
    • Project management
    • Configuration
    • Debugger
    • Automatically detect connected boards
    • Getting started actions provided
    • Content filtered to match selected board or device
    • Easily access examples, training and documentation
    • And much more!


Why Theia instead of VS Code®?

  • Theia uses the same editor as VS Code and is compatible with its extension API
  • Using Theia instead of VS Code mainly due to the need for collaboration and contribution
  • For users who whish to use stock VS Code, TI will offer an extension package that will enable use of selected TI devices in this environment.


How to migrate?

  • Goal is to make the transition as seamless as possible
  • Simply import an existing project into Theia and go
    • Projects and target configurations are compatible between EclipseTm and Theia
    • SysConfig is present and compatible
    • Continue to use Resource Explorer
  • If you are a user of VS Code® or CCS Cloud then the interface will be familiar


What about CCS Cloud?

  • CCS Cloud is also based on Theia
  • CCS Cloud remains available and TI is still investing in it
  • CCS Cloud can be access from TI Developer Zone (https://dev.ti.com/)

How to get started?

Note: This post only announces the availability of CCS Theia for the CC23xx devices (including CC2340R5 and CC2340R2). The deployment timeline of CCS Theia is different across TI portfolio. Reference the release notes of the SDK applicable to your product for more details on the applicable timeline.