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I had not managed to import an example project in Ubuntu Linux. Also got error: No TICLANG Arm compilers, supporting device 'CC2340R5', are currently installed.

OS: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

SDK: simplelink_lowpower_f3_sdk_7_40_00_64 (selected Wireless connnectivity in the installation process)

CCS: ccs1271 

Installtion root are always: /opt/ti

Hardware: LP-EM-CC2340R5 + LP-XDS110ET

Steps to reproduce:

1. Click "Import Project" in CCS

2. Nevigate to example folder: /opt/ti/simplelink_lowpower_f3_sdk_7_40_00_64/examples/rtos/LP_EM_CC2340R5/ble5stack/data_stream

3. Project has been found by the CCS, then click "Finish". The error pops up "/opt/ti/simplelink_lowpower_f3_sdk_7_40_00_64/examples/rtos/LP_EM_CC2340R5/ble5stack/data_stream" and the project has not been imported to my workspace.

How to solve this? Thanks!



  • Hi Woody,

    The issue is probably caused by omitting the installation of TIClang compiler (

    If I may two pieces of advice:

    - you should consider basing your project of the newest SDK available ( as of today):

    - you should consider leveraging CCS Theia -

    I hope this will help,

    Best regards,

  • Thanks for the replay. I will try SDK 8, and CCS Theia, then updated here for any progress.  Just for the TIClang you mentioned, I am a little confused.  From my observation, the TIClang has been included in the CCS, e.g., in my installation I see /opt/ti/ccs1271/ccs/tools/compiler/ti-cgt-armllvm_3.2.2.LTS. Do I really need to install the TIClang separately?  Thanks.

  • You have a good point, if TIClang is available in the CCS folders, then it should be sufficient - i.e. no need to install it outside of CCS.

    When installing CCS or CCS Theia, make sure to select the installation of the wireless-connectivity devices.

    Kind regards,

  • Hi Clement,

    Many thanks. At least I can now build the sample project with succeed after followed your instructions by install the Theia and 8.10.x  SDK. One interresting thing is that what I installed SDK under the standard /opt/ti folder has no effect since after the CCS lanuched and tried to browse the sample projects it was looking into the cloud not my local file system. Hence it automatically (after a prompt) download the SDK and installed in another folder /home/ti.  But that's fine, I don't have to care this.

    For the next step, may I ask one more stupid question: how do I flash and run/debug the sample program which is just built?  The menu items just confused me:

    What button should I click to do my next step? Thanks in advance.



  • Sorry, I've knew why I see some strange things after I clicked "Debug Project". That's because the CCS instance has no permission to create a folder under a /opt/ti/ccs* subfolder. I changed ownership of that folder from root to the normal user, then I can now debug the program. Thanks anyway!

  • Great you get this sorted out!

    Let us know if you need further assistance!

    Best regards,