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PAN1323 msp430 compatibility

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: MSP430BT5190, MSP430F5507

It appears that the PAN1323 is only compatible with the MSP430BT5190 and the F5438. Is this true?

  • No. For example, our Bluetopia stack can be used with any processor as long as it meets the memory requirements of the stack and interfacing requirements with the Bluetooth controller.

  • That is good news. I am currently using a MSP430F5507 and the NRF24AP2 ANT+ network processor. Our intention is to continue using the ANT+ capability and have the hardware for BLE for future upgrades as BLE matures.

    We are most interested in having one stack in use at a time. If the user wants to use BLE instead of ANT+ they would be required to download new firmware to the MSP430. Combining the two stacks is not necessary for my application. Is this feasible with the PAN1323?

    I am trying to find the specification for the BLE stack requirements as well as the ANT+ stack requirements, any help here would be great.

  • I am trying to determine if the PAN1323 module will work for my application. I am currently using ANT+ with the Nordic nrf24ap2 but would like to add BLE hardware support to the application. I am not looking to use BLE and ANT+ together, but allow the customer to download firmware the supports one or the other. The issue that I have is the required memory size for the BLE profile and stack in with my current MCU (MSP430F5507 32KB Flash and 4KB of RAM). I am not familiar at this point with most of the BLE specifications, but I would assume that a stack/profile is or would be developed to support a smaller memory space. So the main questions that I have are as follows: Will I be able to use the ANT+ and BLE modes separatly? Can a smaller profile/stack be created for BLE that will work in a smaller memory space, and do you expect one to be available? I have seen talk about licensing between TI and Panasonic that only a specific MCU will work with the PAN1323, it this true, can I use the MSP430F5507 that I am currently using in my product? Lastly, when can the PAN1323/w chip antenna by purchased?

    We eagerly look forward to your response.

  • cody,

    The PAN1323 supports both BT+ANT or BT+BLE, but not BLE+ANT at the same time. Please contact our software partner SSO for Bluetooth stack requirements:

    You can also contact Panasonic, our module vendor, directly for any module inquries.