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SensorTag Indefinite Advertising Firmware

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: CC2540, CC2541

I'm looking to make the SensorTag advertise indefinitely instead of only for two minutes.

I downloaded a copy of the BLE software and found the SensorTag firmware source code. I made the small change to advertise indefinitely instead of two minutes. Now I am stuck at the compiling part. From my research and searching through the forum, it appears that only the IAR embedded workbench is able to compile the code. The 30 day evaluation copy is not an option due and the $2k+ cost of the workbench just for compiling this one change of code is not going to happen.

Is there any other option? Is there a copy of the firmware with this change floating around? I feel like this would be a common problem with the sensortags, is there any other way to get around this?

Once I have the adjusted firmware, I plan to use OTA for updating.


  • Hello Zak,

    While the IAR compiler is the only tool that supports the BLE (CC2540/2541) devices today, I implore you to explore more options:

    • Will you need more than 30-days support, if only one code change?
      • If so, IAR will often provide a license extension specifically for these reasons
      • Please contact IAR directly for support with this
    • Do you have others within your engineering network that have the (8051) compiler already?
      • If so, you could leverage their toolchain for your own code mods
    • I don't believe there is an example specifically for this modification today.
    • Since you plan to use OTA for updating, why could you not use the 30-day license now (potentially with an extension from IAR if needed) and build your solution around that?

    Just a few thoughts.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


  • Chiming in on this...

    Alot of BT LE efforts at the moment rely upon the functionality to detect objects popping in and out of range.

    I expected the SensorTag would advertise 1-2 times per minute all the time when I purchased, this is quite a pain for me as I wanted to detect the keyfob when I entered and left locations from small computer installations in those locations.

    I'd love to see Zak's change or make a similar one myself, I wasn't aware we suddenly delved out of the prototype/development world into commercial when embarking on firmware changes!

    Can you add the small change to the roadmap for your next firmware addition so we can utilise it in our development? I advise you allow the advertisement interval to be set like all the other sensors.

    Zakk, could you share your change with the staff to ease this process?

    Kind regards,


  • Hello,

    There are several business cases when continuous advertising with a configurable period are very useful and will increase your product value.

    For example, the SensorTag chip can be placed in the car and set to advertise every minute. you can build a Raspberry PI BLE proximity detector to notify a smarthome system that the car has arrived at home or departed. Can also be used for security purposes on high value objects.

    Is there any chance to add this on your firmware improvement roadmap?



  • Hi,

    Did you find a solution to this?

    // Markus

  • Yes, solution here:

    I have compiled the firmware but was not yet able to deploy it on my sensortag, it appears that OTA in iphone does not work, cannot load the firmware file in the iOS app.

  • Hi Dan,

    I'm also facing the same advertising issue...
    Can you share the compiled firmware hex file?

    Thanks, Peter

  • Hi Peter,

    I have managed to compile and deployed the binary on the sensor using the iOS application (Android version does not know OTA) however I think I have not deployed correctly the binary as I have not noticed the behavior change as expected. There are two images, A and B and could not figure it out fast if I have to deploy both, then got busy with other things.

    I can email you the binary if you wish to try.



  • Your main target is (probably)  hardware developers.

    But if you want Bluetooth LE to be "mainstream", to democratize the usage of Bluetooth LE - you need the support of mobile and desktop developers. Your product is an amazing way to learn how Bluetooth LE works for mobile developers.

    This "timeout" is something that block some usages and prototypes sadly.

    Why not releasing an "official" version without this timeout? Or a way to set/change this timeout (and the advertising rate)?

    It's currently the main issue I see with the product. (and battery duration if you enable this feature...)

  • I would love this firmware as well.  I actually got the CC Debugger thinking I could start tinkering with the CC2541.  I didn't realize a seat of IAR came with such a huge price tag.  Even Microchip has a free compiler for it's dsPIC chips.  the trade off is the lack of optimization.  If I get something that's promising, I'd be willing to pay out for the full version for commercial use, but I'm not going to get something promising in 30 days.

  • Hi there,

    i'm stuck myself with the very same problem. Could you send me the firmware for the sensor tag with infinit broadcast?

    thanx in advance!

    (firmware images named A and B are firmware images provided by TI. you need to copy your hex file to the documents folder of the app u use to do the ota update an choose "shared files" to choose your own firmware file)

  • I just had to make this change in the firmware.  I don't know if i can legally share the .Bin files or not, so I wont.  But i can give you this step by step guide that i followed.  It was very easy and only took about 15 minutes:

  • Hi!
    I need your help. I followed the steps for update of firmware sensor. Ok, it´s ok. but, I developed a matlab app that allow to measure temperature and humidity and, since I updated firmware now the app not measures the values. The connection is ok but it do not measure anything. Do know if the firmware update changes some parameter I should change in the app? thanks

  • Hi Sir, 

    Please it is possible to connect Sensortag to matlab?

    Thanks in advance 

  • Has anyone here found the firmware files need to make the advertise period infinite for the SensorTag 2.0 device? Looks like the firmware files can be installed with the iOS smartphone app at the app store if one has the two files ...? (Assuming that I am following the discussion.) I would love to make this change.