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BQ25505EVM-218 and CC2541EMK

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Can i interface BQ25505EVM-218 and CC2541EMK?

  • Hello Shoban,

    You will have to design your own custom interface if you want something like the batter pack that is available for the CC2541EMK

    For the BQ25505EVM, the output voltage can be set to less than 4.2 volts through resistors.  This will allow you to match the maximum input voltage for the CC2541EMK LDO.


  • Thank You for your valuable reply,

    Could elaborate as to what do you exactly mean here by '"design your own custom interface "?

    I am actually thinking of participating for ti analog design contest, so in order to program CC2541EMK, i require Smartrf05eb boards, but they arent available seperately,so i have to buy CC2540 module which costs $299, which exceeds my eligibilty limit($250),Could u provide a solution to this? 

  • Hello Shoban,

    The CC2540 Mini-DK is for $99.00.  This would be your best option since it includes the KeyFob that has many port pins available.  The CC2541 Mini-DK has the CC2540 for the USB  Dongle and C2541 for the KeyFob.  The difference would be that with the CC2541 you can do i2c in hardware.

    You would need to design you own custom interface because the two don't connect up directly, unless you going to use wires to connect the two.


  • Thank u,

    Is it possible to power up CC254 Mini-DK externally using a battery?I dont find any option,either using coin cell or cc debugger thats what it says!

  • Yes, you can use an external battery on the Mini-DK.  

    The USB has a voltage regulator so applying 4.2 - 5V to the USB power connector will bring it down to 3.3V.   The KeyFob does not have a regulator so you will have to ensure you do not exceed the 3.9V maximum input voltage for the chip.


  • Thanks a lot,

    But where on CC2541 DK-MIni will i connect the external supply ?

  • Hi, 

    You can use your CC debugger to power the keyfob.

    Connect CC debugger to the DEBUG port of the keyfob, with the pin1 matching to the pin1[ normally designated with a red colour or triangle mark on the 5x2 connector]

    Just short P1, with a jumper to power the keyfob.

    P.S: You should not use the battery, or it should be unmounted when usiing CC debugger supply.

    For more info, refer keyfob schematics, page 3, as below.