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CC2564 BT Dual mode profile on MSP430

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: MSP430F6747


I have checked the below post and wiki page.'s_Bluetooth_Stack

I have two questions.

As the situation,Classic BT(HID) and BLE(GATT) profile runs on MSP430's internal memory.


How much Flash/RAM size does it occupy?


In the case of using MSP430F6747(256KB Flash/ 32KB RAM).
How many BLE-node can be handled by MSP430?

I think at most 3 4.

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  • Hi Maru,

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    Any update on this issue?(Apr 14, 2015 12:42 PM).
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  • Hi Maru,

    1. The HID Demo uses about 114K of flash and 7K of RAM. The SPPLE Demo (BLE) uses about 178K of flash and 7.5K of RAM. These numbers include the space that is reserved for the CPU stack; 1.2K is reserved in both apps. The numbers are from IAR on a MSP-EXPF5438 board. I don't have any exact numbers, but I estimate that adding HID to the BLE demo will add 12K of flash; the fixed RAM additions should be very little, however, you will see more stack/heap usage when multiple connections are in use.

    2. The CC256x supports up to 10 BLE connections. The stack does not limit the number of connections and 10 is supported by the stack too. However, each connection will use additional memory. I don't expect this will be an issue unless each connection is actively sending and receiving data simultaneously, which will significantly increase the CPU stack's usage.