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How to Build SensorTag(CC2650) inculde OAD service

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: CC2650STK, CC2650

Hi All,

Location in C:\Program Files (x86)\Texas Instruments\SmartRF Tools\BLE Device Monitor\firmware\cc26xx folder


The hex file how to build out?Is it use python script( merge follow hex file?


Someone can explain how to do?


  • Hello,

    Yes, please see the "Working with Hex Files" section in the BLE 2.1 SW Developer's Guide (SWRU393).

    Best wishes
  • Hi JXS,

    According to the section,This super hex is only APP+STACK hex files.
    BIM_ext hex and super hex download to CC2650STK ,but it is not work.(using android app can't scan the device),than CC2650SensorTag_BLE_All_v1_20.hex download to CC2650STK,it is can run.

    I had built the OADTarget project,The super hex where On-chip OAD is consist of BIM+APP+STACK hex file.

    Download to SmartRF06EB+CC2650EM-7ID,can use OAD program by BLE Device Monitor.

    How to build OADTarget by Off-chip OAD ?

  • Hello,

          I have figured out how to generate workable super hex file (BIM + SensorTag + SensorTagStack) for off-chipet OAD in CCS IDE.


          1, Import ble/util/BIM_ExtFlash project to CCS, and add below post step:

              "${CG_TOOL_HEX}" -order MS --memwidth=8 --romwidth=8 --intel -o "${ProjName}.hex" "${ProjName}.out"

              Because, by default BIM_ExtFlash project does not generate hex file in CCS, but this step exist in IAR IDE.

          2, Add below merge script in SensorTag project:

             python "C:/Python27/Scripts/" -o "${PROJECT_LOC}/FlashOnlyOAD/OAD_IMAGE_FULL.hex" -r "000:1FFFF" --overlap=error "${PROJECT_LOC}/FlashOnlyOAD/${ProjName}.hex":0000:1EFFF "${PROJECT_LOC}/../${ProjName}Stack/FlashROM/${ProjName}Stack.hex" "${PROJECT_LOC}/../../../../util/BIM_extflash/CC26xx/CCS/FlashOnly/BIM_ExtFlash.hex":1F000:1FFFF

              Please notice, the sample merge script in OAD document is incorrect, please refer document at's_Guide#Building_SensorTag_SuperHex_File 

    After above modifications, follow below steps to build:

    Step 1: Build BIM_ExtFlash project to generate BIM_ExtFlash.hex

    Step 2: Build SensorTagStack project to generate SensorTagStack.hex

    Step 3: Build SensorTag project to generate SensorTag.hex. And the merge script will combine  BIM_ExtFlash.hex + SensorTagStack.hex + SensorTag.hex togather

    After above build steps, you can use "Flash Programmer 2" to flash super hex file to CC2650 sensor tag device.

    Hope it helpful to you.

  • Hi Lu,Ken

    I read your post. I am also trying to generate super hex file for CC2650 Sensortag application.

    But merge script you mentioned in your post, where to add it exactly.

    Mamata N.

  • Mamata,

            Add to the post build step. Please see attached picture.

  • Great job!
    That works for me too,
    I was unable to build the superhex by following the guidelines in that document's_Guide .
    Actually i bricked the device doing what is in there.

    You saved several of my days, much appreciated!

  • what is the last part in post-build steps window ?
  • Hi Lu,

    When Building the BIM_ExtFlash I am getting several Errors.

    Description Resource Path Location Type
    #137 struct "<unnamed>" has no field "status" bim_main.c /BIM_ExtFlash/Application line 438 C/C++ Problem
    #20 identifier "EFL_ADDR_IMAGE_BLE" is undefined bim_main.c /BIM_ExtFlash/Application line 452 C/C++ Problem
    #20 identifier "EFL_ADDR_IMAGE_APP" is undefined bim_main.c /BIM_ExtFlash/Application line 448 C/C++ Problem
    #20 identifier "EFL_IMAGE_INFO_ADDR_BLE" is undefined bim_main.c /BIM_ExtFlash/Application line 430 C/C++ Problem

    How could I correct this?

    Thanks and Regards,