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SPPDemo APP Improving throughput

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My customer is using CC2564MODA with MSP430 and running SPPDemo based software.
They want to increase throughput and refers below Wiki page.

1) What are exactly meaning of MaximumFrameSize, TransmitBufferSize and ReceiveBufferSize?

2) How MaximumFrameSize and TransmitBufferSize/ReceiveBufferSize are related?
It looks MaximumFrameSize is always smaller or equal to TransmitBufferSize/ReceiveBufferSize.
And TrasmitBufferSize is always smaller or equal to ReceiveBufferSize.
This needs to be met ?

3) Similar question for UART Buffer Sizes.
INPUT buffer size needs to be smaller or equal to OUTPUT buffer size ?

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  • Dear KOT.

    1. Maximum frame size - the largest frame size we are planning to send/receive.

        Transmit buffer size - the buffer size we allocate in order to TX frames (needs to be at least the size of maximum frame size - if it's equal we will always be      able to send only one frame at a time, if it's larger we will be able to buffer several) - the larger we allocate it the less memory we will have free on the MSP430

    Receive buffer size - Same as the TX buffer size - just for RX.

    2. As explained above, TX buffer size/RX buffer size will always be equal or bigger to the largest possible frame we can send/receive.

    I would follow the examples on the link above (in your post). TX and RX buffer sizes can vary and don't necessarily need to be larger/smaller than each other. i would config it dependent on the specific usage my application needs. if i'm expected to receive more data than transmit i would have a bigger buffer for RX and vice versa.

    3. Once again depends on the usage. both should be large enough - the higher the UART baudrate is - the faster you can TX/RX data. if you are expecting mainly to send data it makes more sense to have a larger INPUT buffer and vice versa.



  • Hi Chen,

    Thanks a lot for your detailed answer!

    Thanks and regards,