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CC256XCQFN-EM: AG HFP Demo: CC3200 does not create PCM

Part Number: CC256XCQFN-EM
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: MSP432P401R, BOOST-CCEMADAPTER, CC2564C, CC256XQFNEM, CC3200AUDBOOST, CC3200


I want to set up an AG HFP Demo with:

  • MSP432P401R (launchpad)
  • CC256xQFNEM with CC2564C
  • And the CC3200audboost

I use "Code composer studio" to download the AG HFP Demo to the launchpad.

Over the UART I configure the board and setting up an HFP connection with my HF. The HFP gets properly set up.

The issue I have is that the CC3200audboost doesn't generate audio for CC2564C. It as well doesn't sample the data it gets from CC2564C. There is a clock and fsync visible, plus the data from CC2564C which it got from the HF. 

I tried to debug with code composer studio through the code, I tried as well to change the input source from "CODEC_ONBOARD_MIC" to "CODEC_LINE_IN". Still no data on AUD_OUT. As source for Line_In I used PC soundcard (Vin max ~700mVp).

I configured everything like described in user guide: Getting Started Guide for MSP432 + CC2564C 

Summary: HFP is working, but CC3200audbost doesn't generate audio for PCM/I2S interface

In the following scope plot you can see the PCM/I2S signals. CLOCK, FSYNC and AUD_IN are toggeling, AUD_OUT is 0. Strange is as well that CLOCK and FSYNC are the same. I always thought with FSYNC you can chose channel, i.e. left and right, which would mean i.e. for 16 clocks fsync low = chan 1, for 16 clocks fsync high = chan 2...

Any idea why my CC3200 is not running? 




  • Joel,

    Have you been able to try this with multiple CC3200 devices to confirm that the issue is not with the specific one you have?
  • Hi Dale,
    I tested and have only one. I will order a second one and try it out.
    Strange is, I2C communication seems to be ok, device gets configured, clock for PCM is generated, only audio data is not sampled... Can it really be that the ADC for MIC_IN or LINE_IN and the IO pin for AUD_IN is broken at the same time...?
    I will try another one
  • Hi Dale,

    I bought now two new CC3200audboost boards. I tried one of these and I still see the same behavior. (No aud_out signal)

    I tried as well with a different HF. No success. 

    I checked the schematic of audboost board and followed the signals until the codec chip. I feed the audio via J3 Line in, I followed the audio as well until codec chip. I configured to use Line In in Code composer studio:

    case aucHFP_HSP:
             InputLine  = CODEC_LINE_IN;

    I checked as well some I/Os of the codec chip: nReset = 3.2V, DVdd = 1.7V, Avdd = 1.72V, Ref = 0.89V, SPI_Sel = 0, TP12 = 0.

    To configure my AG with my HF I send the following cmds on the UART:


    pair 1

    PinCodeResponse 0000

    openaudiogatewayclient 1 1

    manageaudio 1

    Each command replies with status = 0, or successful.... Everything like described in the wiki.

    Any clue what I'm missing or what could be wrong?


  • Joel,

    I will attempt to recreate this issue and get back to you with results. Quick question, if you go to Project->Properties->Build->MSP432 Compiler->Advanced Options->Predefined Symbols, what symbols do you have under Pre-define NAME?

  • Hi Dale,

    Thank you for your support.

    Here my  predefined symbol Names:


  • Joel,

    If you are using the CC256XC board, you will need to also include the predefined symbol __SUPPORT_CC256XC_PATCH__
  • Hi Dale,
    I added the symbol, but still no audio from Codec.
    The clock, as well as the PCM audio data which are coming from CC2564C I can measure. BT HFP connection is as well established. That is working properly. It was as well working without the predefined symbol __SUPPORT_CC256XC_PATCH__

    Only audio from the CC3200audboost is not generated... And data to ClassD amplifier is as well 0. As if CC3200 is not working...

  • Joel,

    Ok, as long as all the manually wired connections are correct, I don't see any particular reason why this shouldn't be working, I will try to recreate the issue and get back to you.
  • Can you please take a picture of your setup and send it? Just want to make sure that the resistors are set as indicated in Table 1 of this document, and that the wired connections are as indicated in Figure 4.

  • Hi Dale,

    I attached the pictures of my setup. I'm using HFP Demo_AG configuration