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Compiler/SMARTRF06EBK: Pin map correlation between SMARTRF06EBK and LAUNCHXL-CC2640R2?

Part Number: SMARTRF06EBK
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: CC2640R2F

Tool/software: TI C/C++ Compiler

I'm working with both boards and need to use the I2C interface, for the LAUNCHXL there's enough information for the pin map (concise and precise): DIO4 - SCL, DIO5 - SDA:

as for the SMARTRF06 there's too much lag in the information that generates too much confusion:

In the MCU Datasheet got this info:

From the PIN ID: 13 and 14 (SDA, SCL respectively), however when I come to the Terminal Configuration and Functions, find this:

Pin 13 is VDDS2, and Pin 14 DIO_8.... then I get confused again... does the Table 11-3 refers to something else and not the physical pin IDs?

Once I can figure out this comes the next nuisance: who is who in the SmartRF board? Don't find a mapping of the RF1 and RF2 regarding the MCU's DIOs

Any help will be appreciated


  • Hi Andrew,

    Basically I2C functionality can be muxed to any IO pins. TI´s SW examples are designed to run on our EVMs, which means that in all the CC2640R2F LaunchPad examples I2C is configured to DIO4 and DIO5.

    I2C is not used on the SmartRF06EB board, so you will not find any I2C examples for this HW.

    For IO pin mapping in general you need to look at the SmartRF06EB schematics which you will find in the SmartRF06EB User´s Guide and also the EM boards schematics.

  • I see, thanks for the answer.

    Could you please facilitate an example on how to properly setup the SDA & SCL for any DIOs?

  • Hi Andrew,

    You can look at the I2C Driver example project for CC2640R2F. The pin configuration is done in the I2C HW attributes table in CC2640R2_LAUNCHXL.c .

     *  =============================== I2C ===============================
    #include <ti/drivers/I2C.h>
    #include <ti/drivers/i2c/I2CCC26XX.h>
    I2CCC26XX_Object i2cCC26xxObjects[CC2640R2_LAUNCHXL_I2CCOUNT];
    const I2CCC26XX_HWAttrsV1 i2cCC26xxHWAttrs[CC2640R2_LAUNCHXL_I2CCOUNT] = {
            .baseAddr    = I2C0_BASE,
            .powerMngrId = PowerCC26XX_PERIPH_I2C0,
            .intNum      = INT_I2C_IRQ,
            .intPriority = ~0,
            .swiPriority = 0,
            .sdaPin      = CC2640R2_LAUNCHXL_I2C0_SDA0,
            .sclPin      = CC2640R2_LAUNCHXL_I2C0_SCL0,


  • /* I2C */
    #define CC2640R2_LAUNCHXL_I2C0_SCL0             IOID_4
    #define CC2640R2_LAUNCHXL_I2C0_SDA0             IOID_5

    Got it, thank you~