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CCS/CC2650: Failing to advertise using CC2650

Part Number: CC2650

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio


I need some help with my prototype which is based on the CC2650-RSM package.

I have designed the custom PCB according to the datasheet:

The design follows the 4 × 4 External Single-ended (4XS) Application Circuit. I'm using the single-ended operation for the RF front-end configuration and PCB-layout is almost exactly like the Layout which is shown in 7.3.1.

I'm using the internal DC-DC Regulator to power the VDDR pins (as recommended). 

I'm using a 50 ohm-antenna and done the matching network (transmission line have been calculated, components is the same as in the datasheet) according to the impedance of the antenna.

When i'm trying to do the programming in CCS for the advertising, it fails. 

I've managed to programme the CC2650 GPIO pins how I want them to work but unfortunately the RF_P pin doesn't seem to work.

I've used the following define:


Is there any specific codefragment that needs to be changed in the boardfile?

Thank you in advance!


  • Hi,
    Are you able to flash the device, or enter debug?
  • Hi,

    Yes, forgot to mention that i'm using XDS110 debugger probe and i'm able to debug.

  • Hello User,
    Have you gone through the CC13xx/CC26xx hardware configuration and PCB design considerations application note?

    If you board match the CC2650DK_4XS (4x4 Evaluation Module) you can define the preprocessor symbol CC2650DK_4XS as described in the users guide section "6.2 Board File".
    • CCS: Project Options→ Resources→ Linked Resources, Path Variables tab

    Ideally you should define your own custom board and hence your own custom BOARD_DEFINE. Refer to section "6.4 Creating a Custom Board File" in the Users guide. Here is a rough guide on how to proceed.

    Define a BOARD_DEFINE.

    Create new custom board files that match BOARD_DEFINE. Simply copy this folder and rename:

    Add case for you BOARD_DEFINEin ble_user_config.h.

    Add case for your BOARD_DEFINE in ble_user_config.c. Use the power table from CC2650EM_4XS. Max output power with single ended is 2 dBm.

  • Hej Nils,

    A good way to check if this is HW or SW related is to use SmartRF Studio. If you are able to control the radio from Studio, your HW is fine and you most likely have a SW problem (and vice versa).

    Mvh Fredrik
  • Hej,

    Just a little bit confused on 4) - what do you mean by checking the power table? Is it for knowing which mode it should be on or?
    Very new to this so sorry for the stupid questions.

    Thank you so much for your answers.
    I'll try tomorrow and see if there is any success!

    Best regards

  • Hi,

    So, i'm suspecting it might be a HW issue. Is there any chance of e-mailing one of you employers to send my layout and schematic?
    I didn't understand though on how to use SmartRF Studio to see if i'm able to control the cc2650?
    I was trying to do Exercise 1 from the tutorial but didn't really understand if I was able to do the Continious RX/TX.

    Thank you in advance!

  • You should have other devices you can connect to smartRFStudio and then try to set up a packet error rate test by sending packets from a CC26xx launchpad to your custom device. This will verify if your HW works or not as it use its own custom firmware loaded in the device RAM when running the tests.