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CC2564C: [REQ] How to use TI-BT-4-2-STACK-LINUX-ADDON SDK on cortexA7 wo float point?

Part Number: CC2564C
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Dear TI

I use CC2564CRVM for BT on Qualcomm MDM9207.
but TI-BT-4-2-STACK-LINUX-ADDON is for TI EVMTI EVM (AM335x, AM437x, AM57x)  with hard float point stub.(MDM9207 not support hard vfp)
It becomes a error at link time with "error: ../BluetopiaPM/Bluetopia/lib/libBTPS_OSA.a(BTPSKRNL.o) uses VFP register arguments, output does not"
So, we cannot use Bluetopia in Linux.

Do you shared new SDK for coretexA7 wo hard float point core?
We can not reach the goal with bluez5 w. ti btps script only.
or it is possible to use bluez5 only for TIBT?

Thank you.

  • Hello,

    This is the only BT Linux SDK that I'm aware of but let me check with our SW team to see if there's anything we can do.


  • Dear Jesu

    If we have to use bluez5 in linux open source,

    It is possible to connect Headset of Handsfree with PCM interface?

    Thank you.

  • Hi Kihyun,

    Our WiLink device has a PCM interface that you can use for audio data. If you use BlueZ, you should be able to configure the stack so that it may work with this but I have not done this personally. 

    Regarding your previous question:

    Do you shared new SDK for coretexA7 wo hard float point core?

    You could rebuild the SW to not include hard float point but I have to check with one of our engineer on how to do that exactly. Please give me some time to sync with him and I will get back to you.



  • Hi Jesu

    Thank you for supporting me.

    Yes, I already done it. but, SDK have some library file(*.a) and that are making some errors like that.

    It should be made with TI solution with hard float point core.

    But, Qualcomm have not on it. So, I asking new libraty file(*.a) with soft float point configuration.

    please, check that with your engineer.

    and, We are trying to test with Bluez5 for CC2564C.

    But, we faced some problem. 

    When we have done pairing with headset, but. it is not continued to hold connection. this mean, connection is failed.

    I guess that Bluez use BT HCI command on UART.

    So, BT communication and pairing, connectionn was success , I guess.

    I don't know how to use Bluez for CC2564C.

    There are some documnet for? or successful use cases.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Kihyun,

    I'm still looking into this. I will provide you an update tomorrow.


  • Hi Kihyun,

    So you do not need to use Bluetopia if you want to use BlueZ. If you do use Bluetopia you will need HW that supports float point unit because we do not release our Bluetopia stack without float point support enabled. 

    Could you confirm whether you're trying to use Bluetopia or BlueZ?

    If you're using BlueZ it would be better to address your BlueZ related queries to the BlueZ community because this is an open source stack that we do not support.


  • Dear Jesu

    I want to use Bluetopia not BlueZ. Bluez was alternate way to use BT cause not working Bluetopia on Qualcomm.

    anyway, BlueZ was not satable on so many profiles. obex was just oneway on particular platform. Headset/Handfree was in connect fail.

    I had been failed using blueZ.

    So, please support Bluetopia for CC2564C.

    Thank you.

  • Unfortunately our Linux expert here informed me we do not release Bluetopia for non float point MPUs. Is the Qualcomm MDM9207 a requirement or could you change to hardware that has floating point unit?


  • Dear Jesu

    Yes, I understand about not supporting it.

    I had been checked already Qualcomm Bluetopia.

    but, it was not stable on it. 

    This is my last question.

    Qualcomm Bluetopia is diffrent from TI Bluetopia?

    I guess I just have no TI sv command stuff.

    If you have some TI module for Qualcomm Bluetopia?

    anyway, Thank you for your support.

  • Hi Kihyun,

    Qualcomm Bluetopia is diffrent from TI Bluetopia?

    Bluetopia is a Bluetooth stack that is owned, supported and maintained by TI. Unfortunately, we only release this stack for devices that support floating point MPUs. If you must use the Qualcomm chip you will have to use a different BT stack.