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SensorTag iOS app doesn't start OAD when L2CAP_COC_CFG is enabled in the BLE Stack

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: CC2642R, SYSCONFIG

We have some devices with On-Chip OAD and Persistent App (SDK

We found that SensorTag iOS app doesn't open the menu to select FW files if the option -DV41_FEATURES=L2CAP_COC_CFG is enabled in the Stack project. The Stack project is a separate project in SDK

We need the option L2CAP_COC_CFG to use "Service Changed Indication" in our main project. But since the Stack project was shared between our main app and the Persistent app, the L2CAP_COC_CFG option is active for both.

BTool runs OAD without issues. Our iOS app has OAD implementation and it works with some issues. We want to veryfy the OAD process with iOS SensorTag app and it doesn't work at all. It discovers OAD service, but "Select FW File" stays gray.

We tested it on a new imported example from the SDK and there was the same issue.

If the line is commented, the SensorTag "Select FW File" is red and we can select OAD firmware file to start OAD.


If the line uncommented, the "Select FW File" stays gray.


Is it a known bug? Why does this affect SensorTag OAD?

  • Hi,

    May I ask you which device you are using? I assume CC2642R as you mentioned SDK

    Could you please verify if the error can reproduce with a newer SDK version? Could you also do a test with Simplelink Starter App ?

    Thanks and regards,

  • Hi,

    We use CC1352R1. I've reproduced the same issue on CC1352R1 LaunchPad as well.

    How could I enable L2CAP_COC for the Persistent App in the latest SDK?
    The RF Stack is "BLE Custom" for the Persistent app and there is no available option for L2CAP_COC in SysConfig.

    If L2CAP_COC is not used, OAD works fine in all SDK.

    I tested it with the Starter app. The same problem.

    I noticed that when this option is used, the both apps (SensorTag and Starter) don't read Device Information and the section is not filled with data and "Current FW rev :" show nothing.

    When this option is not used, "Current FW rev:" shows "Firmware Revision" and then if I tap on it, it let me to select FW file.

    So it looks like when L2CAP_COC is active, the apps can't read Device Information Service properly.

  • Hi,

    L2CAP Connection Oriented Channels can be enabled through SysConfig on newer SDK. The option is in RF STacks > BLE > L2CAP Connection Oriented Channels


  • The RF Stack is "BLE Custom" for the Persistent app and there is no available option for L2CAP_COC in SysConfig.

  • Hi,

    I thought you wanted to use L2CAP in the Application - not in the persistent image. For the persistent image you should rather modify the build_config.opt file to add the line "-DV41_FEATURES=L2CAP_COC_CFG"

    With that said, I am wondering if we are focused on the proper problem. I mean, the OAD process does leverage L2CAP CoC. So do you really need to add the compile option we are discussing? Would mind running a test to see if it is required?

    Best regards,

  • Hi,

    You asked me if I could reproduce this error in the latest SDK. Actulaly, knowing this will not help to solve my question, because we can't change SDK and the persistent app in our devices.