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[FAQ] IDE Known Issues and Fixes

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1: How do I enable the TI-RTOS Object Viewer (ROV) in IAR?

A: The ROV can be enabled under the application's Project Options -> Debugger -> Plugins tab. Select "TI-RTOS" in the scroll list.

2: Why does my CC2650STK SensorTag only work when I debug in CCS?

A: The SensorTag requires the use of a Boot Image Manager (BIM) which needs to be programmed in addition to the App & Stack projects. The BIM is included in the prebuilt firmware hex image. Refer to the Firmware Build Procedure in the SensorTag User Guide on the TI BLE Wiki.

3: My "out-of-the-box" BLE examples does not compile in IAR and I get an error saying "Variable expansion failed". What is wrong?

A: IAR sometimes fail to include the path variables for TI RTOS and CC26XXWARE and you need to import them again manually. 

Go to Project->Configure Custom Argument Variables, Select Import and choose the corresponding variables file. Example location: Projects\ble\SimpleBLEPeripheral\CC26xx\IAR\SimpleBlePeripheral.custom_argvars

4: I encounter a pre-build error indicating that lib_search.exe is not recognized in BLE-Stack v3.0 / CC2640R2 SDK v1.0.0.22

A: The lib_search.exe executable used during the Stack pre-build steap in this SDK requires a Windows 64-bit installation. For 32-bit Windows installations, please use this 32-bit version of lib_search.exe (zip). Starting with CC2640R2 SDK v1.30.00.25 a 32-bit compatible version is provided.

5: My CC-DEVPACK-DEBUGGER (DevPack Debugger / XDS110) does not detect the SensorTag in SmartRF Flash Programmer 2 v1.7.x+?

A: A firmware update may be required. Please install CCS according to the CC2640 BLE Software Developer’s Guide (SWRU393). CCS will detect if a firmware update is required when a Debug session is started. Open and build the SensorTag project, then program the SensorTag via the CCS Debugger. Remember to close SmartRF Flash Programmer 2.

6: I’m getting a linker or post-build error with Boundary.exe when building the Stack project.

A: (Applies to BLE-Stack v2.1.1 and earlier SDK releases) The Boundary tool is used to adjust the Stack flash / RAM boundary to the optimal value. These errors typically occur when the Stack configuration is modified such that RAM/Flash usage has changed.

  1. Verify that your argument variables / path point to the location where Boundary.exe is installed. The default location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Texas Instruments\Boundary. If the tool is installed to a different path, the IDE will need to be updated:
    1. IAR: Tools-> Configure Custom Argument Variables ->”CC26xx TI-RTOS” -> BOUNDARY
    2. CCS: Stack Project Properties -> Build, “Steps” tab, “Post-build steps”.
    3. Refer to Section “3.12 Configuration of RAM & Flash boundary using the Boundary Tool” in the CC2640 BLE Software Developer’s Guide (SWRU393) for details on how to resolve build errors generated by the Boundary tool or Linker.

      For BLE-Stack v2.2.0+: the Frontier tool is used and a rebuild of the Stack project is not required. Details are provided in the CC2640 BLE Software Developer’s Guide, but the process is to build the Stack, then build the App. A rebuild of the Stack is only required if changing the Stack project.

7: I get pre-build errors in IAR, and after clicking Tools->Options->Messages->Show all build messages, it looks something like this
gmake[1]: Entering directory `C:/ti/simplelink/ble_cc26xx_2_00_00_42893/Projects/ble/SimpleBLEPeripheral/CC26xx/IAR/Config/src/sysbios'
Preprocessing library source files ...
C:/Users/<user>/AppData/Local/Temp/ 1: Syntax error: "(" unexpected
C:/Users/<user>/AppData/Local/Temp/ 1: Syntax error: "(" unexpected

A: Your system has for whatever reason disabled 8.3 pathname aliases (e.g. PROGRA~2) for the path IAR is installed to. The only known working solution is currently to install IAR at e.g. C:\IAR\EWARM7401 or some other path without spaces or long names.

8: I get "Resource temporarily unavailable" pre-build errors in the application project similar to this:

Creating the SYS/BIOS library that contains the APIs not included in the ROM ... 
0 [main] sh 6420 sync_with_child: child 6332(0x19C) died before initialization with status code 0xC0000142 
23 [main] sh 6420 sync_with_child: *** child state waiting for longjmp 
C:/Users/username/AppData/Local/Temp/ fork: Resource temporarily unavailable

A: Most likely there is a conflict with sh.exe in the XDCTools installation with some other package you have installed. Please search for sh.exe in your system and disable the conflicting package(s). Additionally, file system tools, such as cygwin may cause conflicts with the XDCTools; these installation(s) should be disabled as well.

9: My CCS project fails to build.

A: First verify you are using the required minimum CCS IDE version and TI Compiler version specified in the Release Notes for the respective SDK. Also, do not use a space in the BLE-Stack SDK path and your CCS workspace or Windows %APPDATA% path. Using a white space in these paths will result in a build error. It is also advisable to install the SDK to the default location to confirm your setup is working correctly. In addition, the pre-build steps may fail if there is a version of Cygwin in your Windows PATH before XDCTools. It is recommended to adjust your PATH such that no other versions of Cygwin are found before XDCTools.

10: I’m still getting build errors of some kind.

A: Please use the E2E "Insert Code, Attach Files and more" option and attach your IAR or CCS build log (paperclip icon). Note that for IAR, you must enable the build log: Tools -> Options -> Messages -> Log build messages to file. Please compress the file as needed. Attaching the build file, and not just the snippet showing the error, is critical to determine the build environment and other factors needed to diagnose your build error.

11: When debugging or loading the Stack FlashROM project, I get errors saying the vector table can’t be found or can’t run to main.

A: The Stack project is not an executable, thus it can’t be debugged directly from the IDE. The Stack must be debugged from the Application project workspace. In IAR, you should not encounter these warnings if “Download Active Application” is used to download (program) the Stack image. In CCS, you will see these warnings, however they can be ignored so long as the flash memory was successfully programmed. After the Stack is downloaded, switch to the Application workspace/project and start the debug session. More details are in the CC2640 BLE Software Developer’s Guide (SWRU393).

12: My CC-DEVPACK-DEBUG (DevPack Debugger / XDS110) always reports "Firmware Upgrade Mode" in the Windows Device Manager?

A: Please make sure you have a battery inserted in the SensorTag and follow the procedure on the wiki:

13: How do I unbrick the device?

A: Use SmartRF Flash Programmer 2. Under the wrench icon (top right), select “CC26xx/CC13xx Forced Mass Erase”. Note that the flash programming tool will always report "success" when performing a mass erase. If the CC26xx Device Configuration (CCFG) has been set to disable the Mass Erase function, the operation will not succeed despite the flash programming tool reporting "success".




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