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[FAQ] LAUNCHXL-CC26X2R1: SIMPLELINK-CC13x2-26x2-SDK: RTLS Known Issues and Fixes

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Part Number: LAUNCHXL-CC26X2R1


0. [RTLS_Monitor] We do not release anymore RTLS_Monitor. Instead, we provide a new user interface (UI) stored in your SDK in tools\ble5stack\rtls_agent\rtls_ui. Execute rtls_ui.exe, we advice you to have Google Chrome or Firefox as default web browser.

1. [TOF] Some connection issues have been detected and reproduced while using the new UI. We are currently working on them. For the moment, if you experience this problem, we advice you to restart the GUI and reset the devices.

2. [RTLS_UI] When a connection is dropped by the devices (i.e. not closed using the "Disconnect" button in the GUI), the connection status becomes incorrect. The logs display properly the “Disconnection success” but we still have the “Disconnect” and “Enable …” buttons available. However, you will experience an error if you click on one of those buttons. In this case, we advice you to click "Disconnect" and then reconnect your devices.

3. [AOA] AoA multiple connection: When>4 slaves are connected, the master node might disconnect after aoa_start command is sent. WA requires delaying the aoa_start command for a few seconds after the connection is established.

4. [AOA] AoA multiple connection: When>4 slaves are connected, the passive node sometimes fails to track some of the connections.

5. [AOA] In some cases, the angle measured is stuck at a given value. We are currently working on this problem. For the moment, if you experience this problem, we advice you to restart the GUI and reset the devices. A mass-erase and a re-flash of the devices might also been required.



1. [RTLS Passive] AoA angle calculation is deviated in small angles (0-10 degrees)

2. [RTLS] Angle performance is not stable when antenna array 2 is used

3. [RTLS] Configuration of slot_duration=1 is not supported in AoA

4. [TOF] ToF Master/Slave may go out of sync when RSSI is below -60

[Workaround]: This workaround corrects the issue BLE_AGAMA-1411 (ToF Master/Slave may go out of sync when RSSI is below -60). 

In your RTLS project, replace the files TOF.c/.h and tof_security.c/.h by the following ones:





5. TOF is not stable for connection interval greater than 1 second

6. [AOA] When using only two antennas, the following code modifications are required:

  • in AOA.h
#define AOA_NUM_ANTENNAS                 2 //3         //!< Number of antennas in antenna array
  • in AOA.c:: AOA_init()
  uint8_t antArray[AOA_NUM_ANTENNAS + 1] = {ANT2, ANT1, ANT_ARRAY};

  AOA_initAntArray(antArray, AOA_NUM_ANTENNAS + 1);
  • in rtls_ctrl_aoa.c:: RTLSCtrl_estimateAngle()
const int16_t AoA_A1 = antA1Result->pairAngle[0] + antA1Result->channelOffset[antA1Result->ch];
const int16_t signalStrength_A1 = (antA1Result->signalStrength[0]);

7. When only the master and the slave devices are used, the GUI does not display the AOA properly. A workaround has been provided in this thread.


1. rtls_agent_cli has an issue where the incorrect AoA start request can be invoked via the websocket (e.g. when using RTLS_Monitor GUI)

The fix is to remove any references to _cc2640r2 flavors of commands. from See the snippet below on which code should be removed

    class AoaStartReq_cc2640r2(NpiRequest, SyncReq, FromAp):
        command = Commands.RTLS_CMD_AOA_ENABLE
        struct = Struct(
            "enable" / Int8ul,

    class AoaSetParamsReq_cc2640r2(NpiRequest, SyncReq, FromAp):
        command = Commands.RTLS_CMD_AOA_SET_PARAMS
        struct = Struct(
            "aoaRole" / Enum(Int8ul, AoaRole),
            "aoaResultMode" / Enum(Int8ul, AoaResultMode),
            "cteScanOvs" / Int8ul,
            "cteOffset" / Int8ul,
            "cteTime" / Int16ul,


Also the following code should be removed from the bottom of the file:

    def aoa_start_cc2640r2(self, enable): pass

    def aoa_set_params_cc2640r2(self, aoaRole, aoaResultMode, cteScanOvs, cteOffset, cteTime): pass

2. All the readme.html are missing for rtls examples.

The original files which are used to generate the html files are still in the folder, users can take a look at those files to get started.

3. rtls_master does not support sampling I/Q on AoA pakckets.

For convenience, a new binary can be found here, use this in place of the one in the SDK:





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