CC1352R: Problem connecting with CC1352R1F3

Part Number: CC1352R

Hello friends of TI, I'm new doing PCB so I have many questions and sorry for my english.

I've design a custom board with CC1352R1F3 and I can't connect with it.

Reading the datasheet says that:

DCDC_SW it's a voltage output that provide energy to pin 45 (VDDR) and 48(VDDR_RF) so VDDR needs to be a voltage output between 1.68v - 1.95v.

and in pin 23 (Dcopul) needs to be an output voltage close to 1.28v.

When I measure this voltages VDDR it's about 2.3v and in Dcopul 2.12v.

It's something wrong with my board? I used as reference the design on the Launchpad CC1352P-2

Also I tried to used the Global LDO removing the Inductor on DCDC_SW and powering the VDDR with 1.8v but I can't connect with the board.

Even I used the External Regulator mode powering VDDS and VDDR with 1.8v and again I can't connect with my board. Can help me please?