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CC3200 SDK 1.1.0 problem with email


 I am working on the email example.

 The software does not connect to server and in effect,

 SlNetAppEmailOpt_t eMailServerSetting;

 lRetVal = Network_IF_GetHostIP(GMAIL_HOST_NAME, &eMailServerSetting.Ip);

 the Ip returned is while if I ping from my PC

 i got

 "" is in effect a google address but not the smtp.

But could be also something wrong int he following code, which i did not change.

eMailServerSetting.Family = AF_INET;
eMailServerSetting.Port = GMAIL_HOST_PORT;
eMailServerSetting.SecurityMethod = SL_SO_SEC_METHOD_SSLV3;
eMailServerSetting.SecurityCypher = SL_SEC_MASK_SSL_RSA_WITH_RC4_128_MD5;
lRetVal = sl_NetAppEmailSet(SL_NET_APP_EMAIL_ID, \
sizeof(SlNetAppEmailOpt_t), \
(unsigned char*)&eMailServerSetting);

Anyway the call to g_cConnectStatus = sl_NetAppEmailConnect(); returns -1.

 Could you tell me where I am wrong?

 I see that there are some minor problems, for example

                                   (unsigned char *)&ipV4); works, but returns not zero.

 I found somewhere in this site to comment ASSERT_ON_ERROR(lRetVal);

 Best Regards