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RF430CL330H: Inductive coupled power and communications digital I/O through NFC

Part Number: RF430CL330H



I have been trying to find a solution to replace a traditional rotary coupling for control signals to a couple of sensors for a robotic arm.  The existing rotary couplers are basically electrical wipers and can wear over time.  Several months ago I found some IC that could do inductive coupling for both power and a communication for the control of a few digital signals.  I have not been able to locate this power since and I don't know what it was call.  Upon some research I stumbled across the NFC which seems interesting.  What solutions are available that will provide me with the following requirements:

1.  Provide power for a few hundred milliamps of current to be boosted up to 24V for industrial digital I/O with a total power of around 5 Watts.

2.  Provide a communication that can be streamed for cyclic I/O to read a few inductive sensors as well as possible provide for a few simple outputs for additional control logic.

If not NFC, is there some other solutions that are available that I can design around.  What I need to do is implement a coil on the non-rotating shaft of a robotic joint which will provide the power and digital control, and then mount another coil with supporting electronics on the rotating side which can have sensors to read and stream back to the other side to an upstream PLC.  I want to design this myself but need to find the correct IC group that would work best for this type of application.



  • Hi James,

      Thanks for reaching out to this forum site. RF430CL330H is a NFC (Near Field Communication) type 4 transponder or tag. NFC tags are normally used for short distance applications. A NFC tag can be battery-less and powered through RF.  Below diagram shows a typical usage of RF430CL330H. Think of using smartphones to read a NFC tag by bringing the two devices close to each other for data exchange via RF. I'm not too sure if NFC is the right technology that you are looking for your applications (providing power and controlling a robotic arm) and of course, I hardly understand inductive coupling and cannot recommend a solution for you. If you are looking for some motor control applications, I will suggest you visit TI's other MCU solutions such as C2000 MCU. See their product website at

  • Thanks for the response Charles.  I don't need the NFC to power and control a robotic arm.  I just need it to provide a zero contact sensor between the fixed side of a rotary joint and the moving part of a rotary joint which has two limit switches for indicating if a tool is opened or closed.  Likewise, if enough power is available for a low current actuator like a solenoid that is all I need.  Given the technology today I would expect more options prepackaged into an IC for low power sense and actuation across a small interface gap like that of a moving joint or other.  I know I ran across something several months ago but I can't for the life of me remember who designed them or what the part was.