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Does CC2480 need the XTAL2 crystal when operating in UART mode?

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Is mounting the XTAL2 (ref.: page 20, crystal a waste (of money) when operating in UART mode? The processor can not enter low power state when running in UART mode, as I understand it.


  • I assume you're talking about the external 32kHz for power savings. Since UART mode doesn't support power savings, yes this crystal would be redundant if you were using uart mode.

  • Ok.

    Now, if we assume that we have a system with a RS485 bus, would it then be possible (probably with a few CTS/RTS related tricks) to connect the cc2480 to this bus using a differential bus tranceiver like this one from you: ?

  • Using something like a CTS/RTS based system, would provide the ability to use this edge to wake up the device, provided it is connected to one of the I/Os which has external interrupt capability.  This could be used to wake up the device.

  • One way to "force" the cc2480 to a half-duplex is to raise CTS (trigger on startbit (and other 1s) and stay high for the dureation of a byte) when it gets data on the line and also to let the startbit (and other 1s) of a transmission enable the rs485 driver/disable the receiver (also for the duration of a byte).