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CC2430 (CC2431) UART transmission problem

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Hello everybody,

I want to set up a transmiddion via RS-232 on my SmartRF04 evalution board. I am using basic_rf for my wireless communiction, but i want to save some data of that on my pc via RS-232 communiction.

I already have some function of this via the files hal_uart. c and hal_uart.h. But I don't have the values of the following  constants because they are not defined in the 2 files.

this are the constants:
















Does anyone has the file where these constants are defined are does anyone knows how I can define these by muself???

Thank you very much!!!

  • What software are you looking at? This looks like defines and registers taken from some of the standard MSP430 header files. They won't work for the CC2430 (which has an 8051 core). The registers for the CC2430 are defined in ioCC2430.h (included in e.g. the IAR Embedded Workbench for 8051) and documented in the device user's guide.

  • Hello M,

    The software I was using was the BasicRF software. But the BasicRF sofware wasn't good enough for my project so I am now working with SimpliciTI software for the CC2430

    But I am having the same problem here. I want to have communication between my SmatRF04EB (with cc2430EM) and my computer via RS-232 communication. But really don't know where to start to implement some program code to make this UART  possible.

    Do you know how I can have UART communiction using SimpliciTI??

    I am using SimpliciTI 1.1.0 bacause I can't open the SimpliciTI 1.2.0 in my IAR software

  • Take a look at this document: "DN117 -- SimpliciTI-compatible UART Driver"